I Don’t Know About You… But I’m Feeling 28

The celebration of my 28th birthday took place in 3 parts, akin to that of a three layer cake…

The first layer of my “birthday cake” was spent partying at the Drink The District “Cherry Blossom Festival” down at the The Yards in D.C. with friends from 1:30pm to 4:30pm on a beautiful spring-y Saturday afternoon. I figured since I’m getting older and not really able to stay up as late as I used to, the whole “day party” approach would work best because that meant I would be in bed by midnight at the latest.

^^ Lmya, Charles and Me – Lmya and I always celebrate our bdays together since we were born 2 days apart :)

During our 3 hours of partying, we had unlimited access to a plethora of 50 wine and about 30 beer tastings (for the price of $28 – not bad right?). On top of that, all the D.C.’s best food trucks were on location to help us feed the drank. To say we took full advantage of the offerings would be an understatement. 

By 4:30pm, all of my friends and I (and I’m sure the rest of D.C. who came out to party) were definitely feeling the buzz. This is when we all hopped in an Uber and made our way to sing some karaoke… Because karaoke is always fun when you’ve been drinking. Unfortunately, I don’t have many photos from this part of our night but at least I got a pic of our birthday cake… A cake that once again spelled my name wrong just like last year. I swear I can’t win haha. :)

The next morning I was so hungover lol. It this moment where I truly felt like I was 28 and getting old because I remember the days when I could go out all night, drank and party, go to sleep at 3 in the morning and still be able to get up at 9 and bounce back like nothing happened. 

^^ via Snapchat. You can find me at username: setarrra.

The Sunday after my birthday celebration? Not so much. I was in bed by 12:30 the night before, had taken an aspirin and drank lots of water before going to bed but I still woke with the biggest headache ever. I didn’t get out of bed until almost 5pm. Poor Charles was in charge of feeding me toast and ginger ale until my stomach could cooperate. 

When I was finally feeling better, we went over to our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant, Tequila Grande, and ate some very necessary grub as part of the 2nd layer of my “birthday cake”. My favorite thing to order on their menu is the tamales… Sooooo good and perfect for a hangover.

The 3rd and last layer of my “birthday cake” celebration was spent later in the following week with my family. My Grams and Uncle Mack were in town to watch my sister, Gigi, while my dad was on vacay so Charles and I headed over to hang out with them (including my brother, Gabriel) and eat some dinner on a Wednesday night. We had burritos, played Gigi’s favorite game of telephone and ate more birthday cake, errrrr more like birthday brownies (because brownies are better than cake in my book). 

 ^^ Gigi, my Grams and moi
 ^^ Can you tell which card Gigi got me?

And that’s that. My 28th birthday in a nutshell. 3 layers of fun spent with family, friends and food haha.

As for what I’m thinking of doing for my 29th birthday next year (holy crap 29?!)? It will definitely be something much more lowkey… Probably just a dinner or brunch because I’ve come to conclusion that getting wasted on my birthday is something I’m not really a fan of anymore. I think I much prefer being able to slowly sip and actually taste my drink as apposed to having friends thrust beer in my face and tell me to chug because it’s my birthday haha. But who knows, I might forget about my crazy hangover by the time next year rolls around and repeat the same b-day ritual. Either way, I have no regrets because for lack of a better word… YOLO.

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