36 Hours w/ Peach in the Big Apple :)

I know… I don’t usually post on Sundays… But one of my best girlfriends just hopped on the bus back to DC and I couldn’t help wanting to immediately share what an ah-mazing couple of days I just had! I’ve known Lauren a.k.a. Peach for almost 8 years now… We met each other on the first day of our freshmen year in college and it’s been on like donkey kong ever since! I was so excited to have her here this weekend! We went on the Staten Island Ferry so she could see the Statue of Liberty up close and personal (annnd for Free) with a lil Straw-Ber-Rita on the side. I love that they allow you to drink on this ferry… Definitely enhanced our boat ride haha.

After the ferry ride, we headed over to the Chelsea Market to meet up
with our Walking Chocolate Tour Group (more to come on that subject in
another post!). But when we arrived, we had an hour to burn so we walked
around the inside of the market and enjoyed a glass of wine to prepare
our palettes for some ah-mazing chocolateness!

Then after the chocolate tour, we went in search of food and of course, more drinks but along the way we made a pit stop at the Washington Square Park to take in some street entertainment and witness the 21st Annual Dyke March. NYC was overflowing with the LGBT community celebrating their victory over DOMA in addition to the Pride Week Festivities. It was a wonderful thing to witness said celebration in real life and while some may not agree with the Supreme Court overturning DOMA, I couldn’t have been more happy. I have so many friends within the dance community who can finally get married and reap their rightful benefits… Even the Empire State Building was rocking its Pride colors this weekend :)
Peach and I stopped by my usual night spot, The 13th Step, before heading around the corner to the Cloister Cafe, a hookah bar with an outdoor gazebo area. Super fun night filled with hookah haze and beautiful lights.


The weekend closed out with nutella gelato at a wonderful Italian restaurant around my way before Peach got on the train headed into the city to catch her bus back home. The weekend couldn’t have been more perfect. Love You Peach!


Make sure to stop by this Tuesday to hear about my BIG NEWS! Because it’s not official unless it’s blog official.


  • That chocolate tour sounds delicious!
    I'd love to visit NYC one day.. Hope you're having a great time!


  • looks like you lovelies had a wonderful trip! I'm so jealous :)

  • Fabulous weekend! Woop Woop – did you try it? I'm not a huge Chard fan but I buy ones based on names and I like that one.

    So awesome to be in the city for Pride this year, I'm sure it was an extremely joyous event.

    Stopping by from Monday Morning Gossip.

  • looks like it was a great weekend. I am waiting to hear more about this chocolate tour! That sounds amazing!!


  • all i can think about is… what is the NEWS?!

  • Looks like a great girls weekend! You're quite the little tour guide this summer haha


  • How fun!!! It looks like you two had the perfect weekend. I gotta get to NYC so bad. Never been :O

    Thanks for linking up!

  • So much good food and it looks like you had a blast for sure. I'll be patiently waiting to see what your big news is. lol

  • uh is the big news is what i think it is????? ;)

    GAH. Thank you for enjoying NYC for me. I'm dying.

  • Jealous girl over here! :) loving your blog

    Love, The mind of an exchange

  • I'm dyyyying to head over to NYC thanks to you. You'll have to make the trip up if I ever make it over there :)

    It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!!