Welcome To Our New 600 Sq. Ft. Apartment (#BlackandYellowHome)

In case you missed the update, Charles and I recently moved from our apartment of 3 years into a smaller 600 sq. ft. apartment so we can start our 3-4 year plan of saving for a down payment. Hashtag adulting.

We are slowly and surely settling in but before I get into how everything is manifesting, I thought it might be fun to start at the beginning and give you a “blank slate” tour of our new #blackandyellowhome.


Here is a little comparison of what we gained and loss by moving into our smaller apartment.

– Old Place: Town Of Vienna New Place: City of Arlington (it’s inside the 495 loop,a good 10 minutes closer to DC)
– Old Place: Right across the street from a metro station New Place: 25 minute walk/5 minute bus ride to and from the nearest metro station
– Old Place: Central A/C and washer & dryer in the apartment New Place: A/C unit in the window and the washer & dryer are in the basement
– Old Place: Carpet floors and only two windows New Place: wood floors and 7 windows
– Old Place: Amenities – gym, pool, basketball court, computer room New Place: Zero amenities, zilch.
– Old Place: 800 sq. ft. New Place: 600 sq. ft.
– Old Place: $1550 a month New Place: $1150 a month

The main thing from the list above that made us almost decide not go with this apartment was the fact that the laundry was in the basement – we were really hoping for laundry in the unit or, at least, on the same floor but alas… No go. Sometimes you gotta take a couple steps back in order to make a big leap forward.

With that said, let’s get to the tour!

600 sq. ft. apartment #blackandyellowhome

 ^^ Living Room  

600 sq. ft. apartment #blackandyellowhome

^^ Dining Area

This space leads into our super tiny kitchen. Also, the a/c window unit is a bit of an eyesore – we’re trying to figure out how to cover it without interrupting airflow… If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments below pretty please.

600 sq. ft. apartment #blackandyellowhome

^^ Kitchen (left side) 

Funny little thing about our fridge is that in order to open the door, we have to step back and out of the kitchen since the aisle isn’t big enough for us to stay in the kitchen haha.

It's been two weeks since Charles and I moved into our place and things are slowly but surely coming along. But before I get into how everything is manifesting, I thought it might be fun to start at the beginning and give you a "blank slate" tour of our new #blackandyellowhome.

^^ Kitchen (right side)

600 sq. ft. apartment #blackandyellowhome

^^ Bathroom

600 sq. ft. apartment #blackandyellowhome

^^ Hallway w/ Two Closets

which leads us to…

600 sq. ft. apartment #blackandyellowhome

^^ The Bedroom 

And that’s that. A short and sweet first look at our new place! It may not have everything we want but it has everything we need and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

Be on the lookout for more #blackandyellowhome updates coming soon! xo

  • Megan

    So excited for you guys and this new start to saving for the future! There are so many ways to make the best out of a little space and with Pinterest/Apartment Therapy you’ll absolutely figure it all out! Adulting can be hard but so fun at the same time! Can’t wait for more updates!

    • Thanks Megan! Yessss, I’m not the best when it comes to using Pinterest but lately, I’ve found myself using the site more and more when it comes to looking for small apartment inspiration!

  • My husband and I live in a 525 Sq. Ft. Stuido — I get you on the small space! But you will make it work :)

    • Hi Kelley and Thanks! We looked a few studios that were between 400 – 550 sq. ft. so I totally have an idea of what you and your husband are working with. So far, Charles and I enjoying living in a smaller space. For Charles, his whole thing is “smaller space = less to clean” haha.

  • Yes definitely sounds like Atlanta prices but I love to vintage look of the apartment! Something I would love for my place when the time comes but I know for sure you and Charles will definitely be able to make it work!

    • Thanks for the encouraging words Valla! And I’m going to use that word from now on – vintage. Charles and I have just been calling it “old” haha. Vintage sounds so much better :)

  • Whitney

    OH THE FLOORS!!!!!! I would almost move downtown and be completely far away from everywhere Boomer and I need to be for some beautiful floors like that. I hope that one day in the not too distant future I’m able to get us a little cottage or bungalow in the historic neighborhoods around Columbus.

    • Oh yes, the floors were a definite draw in for us. Totally worth the extra work to keep the floors clean (gotta dust and sweep AND swiffer mop haha). And I’m rooting for you Whitney! Your home dreams are totally going to come true one day sooner than later, you got this mama. xo

  • Yay, congrats on the move! I love the white as I think it makes it really bright and those floors are amazing!! :D

  • Rae

    I LOVE those floors! Simply beautiful.

    And trust, some of those years are going to fly by so quickly. Good luck with your process. I know how much of a sacrifice you all had to make but I’m pretty sure it will be completely worth it in the end. (:

    • Thank you Rae! The floors were a definite draw for us to rent the place. So far, so good and definitely worth the sacrifice in the long run. xo