’88 In The Academy

^^^Me, My Mom & My Dad on the day of his graduation from the DC Police Academy in 1988.

^^^ 25 years laters and my dad is preserving quite nicely. Don’t ya think? 

^^^ My Brother, Gino, Dad & Charles
My dad joined the Metropolitan Police Department of D.C. at the young age of 22. I was one years old. What people should realize is that D.C. in the early 90’s was completely different from the gentrified D.C. you see today. When my dad graduated from the police academy, D.C. was known as the murder capital of the U.S. Fast forward to present day … I couldn’t be more proud of my dad for his 25 years of service with MPDC. I could tell you many stories of what life was like growing up with a police officer for a dad. Some stories are funny, others mind boggling and there are quite a few that would make your skin crawl (unless you’re into CSI) … But all them are stories I’m sure any family with relatives in law enforcement could relate to. You may think of him as a dirty copper, the 5.0, or the Po Po … But to me, he’s my dad and I love him for all he’s sacrificed and all he’s given in the line of duty. Cheers to a much deserved retirement coming soon!
Also, Yes … He does know I have a blog and is supportive and typically protective at the same time haha. And Yes … It’s quite possible he did a background check on Charles when we first started dating ;) #daddysgirl

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  • That really is something to be proud of! Sticking in the same career for that long is getting all too rare nowadays!

  • Aww congratulations to your dad! Personally, I like to call them "The Fuzz", like from The Cable Guy. :)

  • WOW! this is amazing. your dad sounds awesome.

  • Your dad is so awesome! I'd love to hear those stories…I bet you really do have some good/scary ones. That's a good dad doing those background checks!! I love that he did that!! Sounds exactly like my dad.

    You look beautiful, by the way!! And I didn't know you had a brother…handsome Gino!!

  • Love this post. As a Washingtonian, I am really proud of your dad, too.

  • This post made me smile….and it made ME proud of your dads 25 years of service to DC!!! Congrats! xo

  • Hats off to your dad. It's an amazing accomplishment. It's really cute how proud you are too :)

  • Good for your dad! Glad he's stayed safe all of these years. And a big thank you to him for his service!!

    Thanks for linking up :)

  • Congratulations to your dad! What a huge accomplishment and a big thank you to him for keeping the city safe!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • woo to the pops. That's awesome that he's able to serve the Academy for THAT long! awesome!

  • Your dad is a great man, and you definitely deserve to be proud of him! I'm so thankful for what he and others like him do every day. Congrats to him on 25 years!

  • I love this! Your dad is the man :)

  • Found you from Karly Kim's link-up. Congrats to your dad!

  • Your dad is quite dapper! And congrats to him! :)