A Black & Yellow Photo Session

Relax. Smile. Imagine the camera is not there. Now give her a kiss… 

These were a few directional cues we received from our photographer, Danielle, as her camera melodiously clicked in anticipation of the subtle adjustments Charles and I made… The day was absolute perfection. The February cold had given way to 50 degrees on a warm Saturday morning = The weather was just perfect. Charles’s waves were swimmable and my curls had decided they were going to cooperate = Our hair was just perfect. Danielle and her mentee, Lauren, were soooo easy to get along with = Our chemistry was just perfect. The day was simply perfect… I can’t thank Danielle enough for choosing me and Charles to model for her photography mentor session!

Dear Danielle: Thank You. Thank you, thank you, thank you… For capturing our love and happiness in these photos. These are the moments I want to remember. Always and forever. Love, Black & Yellow :)

Like what you see? Read more about our photo session on Danielle’s blog here.

*** If you’re wondering about our wedding plans, they look a little something like this: Everytime we start trying to plan, we end up whipping out a bottle of wine and dropping the subject. Maybe one day we’ll be able to buckle down and not let the stress of it all get the best of us. But until then, we’re just enjoying the engaged life and these photos are all we’ve got to show for progress. Little baby steps…

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  • Y'all are so stinkin' cute I can't even pick my favorite photo. What's funny is I was thinking the exact same thing about your hair… Your curls were laying perfectly and Charles' waves WERE poppin! When's the wedding?

  • I love DfInney Photography she is truly one of my favorite photographers and she captured some great moments of you both. This is truly a beautiful photo session.

  • These pictures are fabulous! I mean, fabulous! So gorgeous.

    How long have you been engaged? We will be engaged 21 months by the time our wedding rolls around. We are both ready to be married, but I am glad we took our time with the planning. I'm not nearly as stressed as if we tried to get it done in 6 months.

    Thanks for linking up!

  • You two are absolutely adorable, aww!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Beautiful. Just beautiful.

  • Seriousky, could you two get any cuter? Nope. Not possible! These are awesome shots!

  • oh my goodness, you two are so incredibly cute!!

  • oh i love every single shot! you guys look so deliriously happy, it's wonderful :) don't worry about wedding planning, it'll come together when you're ready to tackle it and the engagement period is so short in comparison to the marriage, enjoy it! x

  • You. Guys. Wow.

    She did amazing and you both look incredible! These are like the engagement photos every couple wishes they could have. I love the one that looks like he's whispering sweet nothings into your ear lol That's a lie, I love them all. xoxo


  • Shots came out perfectly!!! So beautiful! And I love that your nails are "something blue"

  • Congratulations,and these photos are amazing. What an awesome photographer! Good photographers are hard to come by for us- they are either too pricey or don't know how to get everyone "in the moment" sigh. Cute blog! Visiting from #randomwednesday link up. Rachel xo

  • Over here from Treasure Tromp–those photos are gorgeous! You look so happy and your photographer did a great job of catching lively moments of laughter and joy. Congrats to you and your fiance and may you find some of that happiness in the wedding planning process (whenever it happens!).

  • So lovely! You look fantastic :)

  • These… I just adore them!

  • congratulations!! :) found you trough treasure tromp

  • Your photos are so beautiful!!