Chuckbabz’s B-Day :)

It was Charles’s 27th birthday this past Monday!!! Instead of taking the reins by planning his b-day party like I had last year, I left it to him to decide how he wanted his special day to go down. And you know what he wanted? He wanted something lowkey. Not a huge party, not a table reserved at the club or a night full of tequila shots … He wanted good beer, good food, great friends and to be in bed before midnight haha… And Ted’s Bulletin in D.C. provided just the right environment we were looking for to celebrate Charles’s birthday :)

There’s something that happens once you cross over the 25 year old hump. Instead of experiencing nights full of binge drinking and keg stands, you will finally learn how to taste your beer and wine and truly enjoy its flavors. Nights filled with King Cobra, Everclear & Jose Cuervo will slowly be exchanged for local & European quality beer, Crown Royal & Hornitos. The need to get trashed in order to have fun will fade away and you’ll start drinking only to stop after the initial buzz because you want to truly be present in those moments when you’re having a good time. Nights at the club filled with bass thumping music will evolve into day parties or dinners where you can actually hear the person talking to you and take part in decent conversation… Of course there will be days where you will revert back to your inner 21 year old self… It’s only right. But for the most part, life past 25 will be about building quality experiences to balance out the many blurry experience of your youngin years… (At least, in my experience)

It’s seems like just yesterday that Charles and I were in college and couldn’t stand each other whatsoever (I thought he was player player and he thought I was a man-hating feminist biotch … Turns out we were both correct with  our initial impressions haha) and now look at us … Super in love and engaged haha. Throughout our six year relationship, there were many nights that ended with Charles holding my hair back as I hurled into the toilet or nights when I somehow turned into Superwoman and managed to miraculously drag a nearly passed out Charles home. But never once have we regretted those crazy nights since we’ve always maintained a “work hard, play hard” mentality … We are very driven, career oriented people who enjoy letting loose in the afterhours. But recently, that “work hard, play hard” mentality has slightly manifested into a “work hard, chill hard” perspective. Gone are the super shwasted nights and in are the slightly tipsy chillaxing nights… And I must confess that we are loving this new approach to life. Because regardless of the fact that we’re getting older… We know we’re still cool deep down (esp. when an 18 year old finds out our age and thinks we’re ancient) and that’s all that  matters. 

Cheers to another year of crazy – beautiful – patient – ride or die love and most importantly… Cheers to another year of transformation and growth.  Once Again … Happy 27th Birthday Charles. I heart you my love <3

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