A Christmas Jig For You ;)

You may remember my girl, Camesha Gotti, from our get together a couple months ago.  We met in college and she is one of those friends that I like to keep in my back pocket :) Last night, I was asleep in bed when I heard my phone chime notifying me of a message around midnight. She caught me off guard with her text message/video but I was crackin up the whole time!

The text that came with the video… “Motivation!!! Now I have to get you an elf suit.” in regards to me getting back to dance in 2013. I love that gurl! Enjoy!
The link was acting a little funny when I uploaded it to the blog …
Soooo if the video doesn’t load on this post, you can definitely see it on my Youtube page.
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

xo, Setarra