A Letter To My Last Bag Of Doritos


Dear Bag Of Doritos,

Did you know that you’re my most favorite kind of chips ever?

Because you are.

And I’m going to miss you.

Because for the next 15 or so months, I won’t be able to eat you and it’s tearin’ up my heart just thinking about it.

If you’re wondering why we must part…

It’s me, not you.

Because tomorrow at 9:30am…

I’m getting braces.

Yes, you heard right.


At the age of 29, I will be getting braces to correct my open bite and hopefully solve the issue of my having jaw pain and grinding my teeth when I eat because my teeth don’t touch when I bite down.

So yea, this is not a break up.

This is a see you later.

Like later, later in January 2018.

Until then…

xo, Setarra

  • This was great. Good luck with the braces install!

    • Thanks Disa! Just got out my Orthodontist’s office and the braces are on! Feels a little weird but day 1 is done :)

  • Eek! I always wanted braces when I was a kid. I still kind of want them.

    • Ahhh my bad, super late responding… But now that I’m officially 2 weeks with braces, I think you should totally get them Michael. They really aren’t as bad as I was thinking they would be to wear as an adult. :)

      • Well, except for the lisp part… That part kind of sucks lol.

  • Technically, it’s recommended that I don’t eat anything super hard or crunchy which I’m taking as don’t eat it all so I don’t even have to worry about breaking my brace brackets lol. And I’ll have mine on until February 2018 (at least that’s what my Orthodontist told me) so we might be wearing them at the same time – can’t wait for you to join the brace club! :)