A-Line Brocade

I think the reason why I still persist at taking outfit posts no matter how few & random they are is simply because I don’t always feel pretty. So when I do feel pretty it is essential to capture that moment before it fades. Take the above set of photos that were taken a couple weeks ago by Charles an hour before we were to head to his cousin’s wedding in Virginia Beach. I was feeling classy in a brocade dress from Love 21, the “real” women’s clothing section within Forever 21. I shop for most of my pants in this section now because they actually fit my pear shaped body quite nicely at a decent price. No extra bounce into jeans required. Oh the trials of shopping for thunder thighs…

Dress: Love 21 | Peep Toe Flats: Express
Funny thing is I’m actually wearing this dress backwards. The front of the dress was a scoopneck cut but it made me look super frumpy. So I flipped the dress around because the V cut of the back made me look slimmer. And especially when dealing with the bitty titties, I gotta enhance what little I have as much as I can haha.  Just goes to show you that the tag in the back doesn’t necessarily determine how you wear the dress … 
Please excuse the pissy face… I learned the hard way that taking pics at 3:30pm when the sun is at its prime affects my usual Blue Steel look.
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  • It looks great flipped! simple reconstruction goes such a long way! :-)

  • Love the dress and it's so cool that you flipped it!




  • Cute dress! I rarely do outfit posts too.

  • It looks great on you =^.^=

  • I love this dress flipped! I have a few things I always wear backwards because I think they look better that way haha


  • Well you SHOULD feel pretty all the time, because you are! I love that you're wearing it backwards…it looks great that way!

  • Ummm..genius! I would NEVER think of flipping a dress around to see if it looked better, but damn did it work for you! You look awesome!

  • I've never thought about flipping a dress around! Definitely going to be trying that out now (:

  • Beautiful dress. I like that you flipped it to suit your body. I love a good v-neck.

  • How did I not know about Love 21? This could be bad news for my bank account! ha The dress is beautiful!

  • Haha I can't believe you just flipped this dress around – it is such a great fit and so flattering on you!

  • You look so pretty in this dress and love that you're wearing it backwards!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  • You look very pretty in this dress! Glad you took pictures :-) And the pissy face is cute too!


  • That dress is such a pretty print! I would love for you to come link up to my Sunday Style Link Up :)