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1. Blame Michael for posting this picture on Instagram but it really made me think, “When was the last time I took a bath?” Answer = Never! And soooo I took a bath last week (with a glass of wine in tow) annnnnnnnd it felt ah-mazing. Seriously tho… If you haven’t taken a bath in a while, go take one right now. 

2. Week 6 of Insanity begins today and while I haven’t lost a whole bunch of weight, I have been losing inches… My waist is becoming more defined, my thighs are more toned and my pants fit a bit looser. I also feel so much more comfortable in my skin over all. The shit is so tough but I’m this close to being done so I can’t give up yet! 3 more weeks to go!!!

3. Charles and I have been chef-ing it up lately with our home-cooked dinners. (fyi: spellcheck will try to change ‘chef-ing’ to ‘chafing’)

4. I started my first semester of grad school last week… And it’s going to be tough. Tough because I’m really interested in my major and want to get as much as I can out of the program. I already have alot of homework to do and books to read (and not alot of down time)… As such, I’ll try my best to blog as consistently as possible while I’m in school but no promises.

5. My best dance friend, Noelle, was in town this past weekend and it was soooo great to catch up with her over cinnamon toast crunch shots and Mexican food and margaritas and beer annnnd I might have been a tad hung over the next day annnnd this is totally a run on sentence but I don’t care. I wish we lived closer to each other but in this case, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Can’t wait to see her again in Philly next month!

6. Charles and I are scheduled to have our engagement photos taken this Saturday! The only problem is that I have nooo idea what I’m going to wear in this cold weather… T-minus five days to figure it out. 

7. I still have one more post to publish from our NYC trip this past December but I’ve been procrastinating. Maybe I’ll get it out by Wednesday… Probably not until Friday. The photo above ^ serves as a little teaser until then…

8. I’m really excited for February to come around! Not because of Valentine’s Day but because I know the Food Network will start airing their “chocolate” episodes allllll month long. Mmmmmm chocolate ;)

9. I’ve decided that the moment I get to 500+ followers on Bloglovin, I will be deleting my Google Friend Connect “follow” box. Sooooo please make sure to follow Quaintrelle via Bloglovin, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to stay in the loop with all things blog related. P.S. I also finally bit the bullet and opened up a Pinterest account… So you can follow me there too if ya want!

10. I couldn’t decide which photo I liked the best from last night’s dinner over at Charles’s brother’s place. Cupcakes vs. My Niece??? They’re both so damn edible haha! Sooo I posted both pics. 

That’s that for Monday… Hope you have a great week :) And don’t forget to go take a bath!!!

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  • I am so freakin' proud of you for sticking to insanity for 6 whole weeks. I didn't last six DAYS! lol. You're gonna be a glass of fine(r) wine by the time summer hits!

  • I love everything about this post. bubble baths, chefing, and engagement photos? amazing. ps, the inches are way more important!

  • good luck for your grad course! just remember than when it gets tough, it is because you care about it.

    yes to bubble baths (with a side of wine, obviously). so so good. i hope your engagement shoot goes well, we didn't do one but i love seeing other people's! x

  • Things sound pretty amazing in your neck of the woods! Lookin' hot, feel; good, grad school, engagement photos. SO happy for you :) You deserve good things, lady!

    Thanks for linking up!

  • Oh my gosh, Insanity – truly, insanity. Get it, girl! And good luck with grad school! Ugh I cannot believe I'm saying this but I miss being a student so much! Soak it up and I cannot wait to see your engagement photos!


  • That cupcake is the business, but so is the shot of your niece. So cute! I took a bath the other night after a long hiatus and you're right! It was pretty amazing. Well except for the every 5 minute 'mommy…can you help me with my spanish!!' interruptions.

  • Glad I inspired some "me time". My blog will definitely be on the light side with this semester too, it's going to be a full one. Can't wait to see these engagement photos! Keep it up with Insanity!!!

  • Love the cupcake and the baby girl n- glad you posted both! :)

  • Ugh I keep accidentally commenting on blogs with our wedding website. anyways. Good job on the insanity girlfriend! Keep it up!