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feeling// super sad that 5 Pointz has been completely painted over!!! I wrote a post about my visit to 5 Pointz last year while living in NYC annnnd my heart breaks just thinking about everything that has recently happened to this wonderful place of free expression… RIP 5 Pointz :(

eating// cereal and sandwiches at all times of the day because I’ve been too lazy to cook this past week… #chefstarra is taking a brief break ya’ll annnd #chefcharles needs to step his cooking game up.

drinking// Yellow Tail wine … I just recently tasted this brand of wine and I’m hooked. 

practicing// yoga. I love a good vinyasa flow especially in a heated room. Bikram yoga is for the birds and puts too much stress on my back. Vinyasa all day errryday.

mastering// the art of keeping our apartment clean. Since moving in together with Charles, I’ve learned we have distinctly different cleaning habits (to put it lightly) … Don’t worry, a post about the transition of long distance to living together is on its way haha.

how to make time for everything and still have time for myself. It’s not easy… Most times when things need to be done after I get home from work? I’d rather just go to sleep.

scrabble, phase 10, monopoly and catch phrase. When you live without a T.V., board games are the only way to go.

the last bit of unpacking for our apartment. I seriously wish we had more closets to hide stuff in.

absolutely nothing. but I have a long list of novels I’d like to read. Just no time at the moment.

my commute to work everyday. I literally walk out the door of my apartment complex, walk across the street and hop on the free shuttle to work. can’t beat it!

to Quadron‘s new album on repeat and repeat and repeat. I can’t say enough about how much I love this Danish group. 

contemplating// a blog move to either wordpress or squarespace … and making a few changes to my blog design.

lusting// after these nike sneakers, this plaid dress and this winter coat from UO… Oh yea annnd we most definitely can’t forget about this camera either. 

fitted jeans and comfy sweaters or nothing at all … Confession: I really enjoy being in the nude most of the time.

baking// pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes… I may be too lazy to cook but I’m never too lazy to bake.

when Charles and I will be able to finally talk about planning our wedding without getting stressed out by the idea of spending so much money and then changing the subject… I have a feeling this is going to be a lonnnnnng engagement haha.

loving// this sexy dance video choreographed by Zach Lattimore… Because as a woman, who doesn’t like their kisses down low? hehe.. (naughty laugh)

on a plan for where I want to be in my life five years from now. Wishes are for dreamers, Goals are for believers..

to NYC at the end of December!!! It’s been over 4 months since I moved down to the DMV and I can’t wait to visit my previous home-city soon :)

a trip to France next summer! A super close friend of mine is getting married there and Charles and I are hoping to head over to Croatia afterwards! Any info about traveling to Croatia is greatly appreciated!

dark chocolate. always dark chocolate.

*I originally saw this list on Tania’s blog (which I shamelessly stalk) and knew I had to re-hash it for a blog post since I’m also a huge fan of creating lists… There’s something so satisfying about crossing an item off my to-do list once it’s been completed; same with calender planners. On that note, I leave you with a single off Quadron’s new album to jam along to and I hope everyone has a great weekend!*

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  • I have been in a "no-cooking" mood myself this week. Blahhh!!!

    I've never taken a hot yoga class…but I really, really want to.

  • 1. Yellowtail's Cabernet-Shiraz is my favorite. Two glasses and I'm gone for the night, lol. 2. Now you're making me want to go back to a my hot yoga studio, but the f'n classes are just so darn expensive. I've put a membership on my Christmas list. 3. I've always said I'd love to visit a nude beach, because I LOVE being naked! Don't get me wrong, I'm not in the best shape to be letting it hang all out in public, but at least at a nude beach I'd have an excuse to not have to fuss with putting on any kind of clothing.

  • those photos are beyond cool!

    i just came home with a bottle of red and am now kicking myself for not picking yellow tail because it was one of the options. next time. also, board games are the jam – we have a massive TV but hardly ever use it! x

  • That sucks that they painted over 5 Pointz, looked look a cool place :(

    And yay for trips. The only place left in the US that I haven't been to (that I want to) in NYC. Crazy right?

    And France – you're going to have a blast. Also on my list lol!

  • THANK YOU for stalking!! Loved the list :) x

  • true story: we wanted to spend NYE in NYC but the cost of errrthing was way to expensive. as;ldfjalskdfj we could've met up :/

    and i'm gonna do this list now hahha

  • Lovely list :)

    Just wanted to comment b/c I read a ton of travel blogs and seems like Croatia is a hot place to visit the past couple of years.
    I'd check out these people:
    1) http://www.hecktictravels.com/welcome-to-croatia
    2) http://www.oneika-the-traveller.com/category/croatia

    Or just google travel blogs/Croatia! :) Enjoy the planning!