A List For As Of Lately…

{Sneakers – Nike} {Sweater – Similar} {Pants – Old Navy} { Scarf – It’s a Fake Burburry lol – Similar}

1. I’ve been reading alot of fashion blogs lately… So much inspiration, so many cute outfits. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get away from my usual baggy uniform a.k.a. sweaters, stretchy jeans, sneakers and scarves (as portrayed in the photos above- I also can’t take myself seriously when I pose). But I made a promise to myself that I’m going to conquer one of my fashion goals this year and that goal is to find the balls to finally wear a BODY CON DRESS! I’ve always been an A-Line dress kind of girl because it complements my pear shaped body but deep down, I hold a secret admiration for women I see in the streets who rock the body con look with confidence. And get this, I already bought the body con dress I want to wear lol. Now I just need to find my balls… #idontthinkyourereadyforthisjelly ;)
2. I finally started messing around with the manual options on my camera. I’ve been taking pictures with my camera on the automatic setting since I got it but I think it’s time to really put this baby to work. Still not quite how everything works with the iso and aperture but progress is progress no matter how little or small.

3. Storm Titan swept over the DMV this past Monday and as a result, Charles and I both had a snow day off from work! We took full advantage of the day off and did nothing… We literally sat on the couch, watched a marathon of Entourage episodes and ate profuse amounts of strawberries and nutella all day.

4. After reading Kym’s disaster story about her experience with Blogger, I’ve decided that it’s finally time to move my little bloggity over to a more secure platform. By the end of this month, I will be moving over to Squarespace. I spent the past two months going back and forth between whether I should move to WordPress and Squarespace and overall, Squarespace feels like the best move for me after comparing the overall costs and what is provided with said costs. Don’t worry, I’ll let you guys know ahead of time before I make the actual move but in the meantime, please make sure to follow Quaintrelle via Bloglovin!

My Grams was in town this past weekend!!! In case you were wondering, my Grams is the unofficial editor for my blog. If she finds any typo or grammatical error while reading my posts, you better believe that she will send me an email later on in the day with the corrections haha… Love You Grams!!!

 I have an interview for a part time job today! Wish me luck because 1) it’s a job I’m really interested in (hint: it involves food – of course) and 2) this Europe trip ain’t gonna pay for itself haha!

7. Danielle, the wonderful photographer behind our engagement photos, just sent an email saying that our photos will be ready to view by the end of this week. Which means that I will hopefully be able to share these photos with you next week (orrrr the week after as I’m never on schedule lol)! Crossing my fingers! :)

8. Is it just me or is there alot of red going on in today’s post? I guess it only makes sense since red is my power color… MUAHAHAHAHA! (<— that’s my evil laugh, in case you were wondering hehe)

And that’s that for my real time update this Wednesday! I hope this helps to break up the food and travel posts I’ve been on a roll with lately. With that said, make sure to stop by the blog this Friday for a little Pat’s vs. Geno’s Philly Cheesesteak Recap! I know, I know… Another post with me stuffing my face with food. Can you blame me? Who doesn’t like stuffing their face with food, especially when it’s really good food? 

Cheers and Have a Happy Hump Day!

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  • Good luck on your interview! I have one this week as well and they are so stressful!

  • good luck with the interview!! i really can't wait to hear about your transition with squarespace, please please give us all the details!!

  • Good luck with your interview!!! And Omg the two of you look ADORABLE in that photo!!!

  • So many great things going on in this post! Yay for interviews, grammy, and engagement photos!! And I like yer sneaks.


  • Squarepace??? I haven't heard of this blog platform. I am so scared to make a switch because I know Blogger so well….but I have heard lots of horror stories with Blogger. YIKES! Good luck with the interview!! Sending you good vibes!! Keep us posted!! :)

  • Yeah, I'm starting to get nervous and thinking of switching platforms too…
    You rock that body con dress girl! Just go for it :)
    I have a cousin that 'edits'. There was one week where I was just throwing up posts, and she got so aggravated she asked me to just send them to her first lol.

  • You look gorgeous in your engagement photos! Also, good luck learning the manual settings on your camera. That is one thing I am thinking about looking for a groupon class to start playing around with my camera. Or even a community education class, those are cheap and you could learn a lot in there, too :)