A Little Movement To Pick Up Your Monday :)

One of my girlfriends posted this dance video on Facebook and I thought it was tooo good not to share! Especially with today being Monday. Bloody, Duddy Monday… Fortunately, there’s nothing like the beat of drums to pick up my spirits! The ah-mazing African dancer, Ezinne Asinugo, is just fierce (dance wise and body wise – hello abs) and the pulsating energy is undeniably contagious. I can’t help but want to get up and start shaking my hips while watching the video haha :)

P.S. For some reason, Blogger won’t show any videos I post via mobile (which is why I haven’t been posting many dance videos lately) So I think this video will only show up if you’re reading this post on your computer, not on your phone… Sawwy :/

Happy, Happy Monday!

(or at least as happy it can get for a Monday)

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-14at30615PM_zps8bec896b.png

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