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This past Saturday, Charles and I kept it local by visiting the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. Spanning over 95 acres, Meadowlark is Northern Virginia’s largest botanical gardens featuring native plants of the region. What’s crazy is that I grew up in the DMV but didn’t know this garden existed until now. I had heard about the gardens from one of my girlfriends when she went there to attend a wedding recently and was surprised to find out that it was located only 15min. away from where we live. After researching their website and finding out the entrance fee was only $5, I spoke to Charles about it and off we went! 

An overcast day, the weather was just perfect for walking through the gardens and checking out their various exhibits. We walked past the Tea Garden, along various bridges and ponds, were awed by the Korean Bell Garden and tiptoed through the reserved Atrium area. The Atrium is an indoor garden space specifically reserved for special events and weddings. But that didn’t stop Charles and me from accidentally wandering through the garden next door. There were lights strewn all over the trees outside the Atrium so I could only imagine how magical the area looks at night (‘wedding day ideas light bulb’ turned way up lol). We may have even, quite possibly, walked up to the outdoor terrace and peeped through the windows. Not saying that we actually did that… 
Charles and I were really happy we decided to visit Meadowlark. It’s one of those hidden local gems we want to take advantage of and make a point of returning to every so often. We can’t wait to come back to see their Winter Walk Of Lights this upcoming Winter season and watch the flowers bloom in the Spring. It’s so easy to overlook the charm of our town with the city of D.C. so close by … But I think it’s important to develop a communal sense of pride for our local parks, businesses and restaurants … And Meadowlark is just the beginning of that budding relationship as Charles and I slowly get settled/ acquainted with our Virginian neighborhood :)
Flower pics to be shared on Wednesday!

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  • This is stunning! Why have I never heard of this place???
    Britt @ One&20

  • This place looks lovely. So pretty and quirky! And the fall tones, aw. I'd love to get lost in there with my camera.

    – Lix | A Classic Notion

  • How gorgeous! 95 acres?! Dang! I saw one of your pics on IG and it looked beautiful :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  • How beautiful! We have a botanical garden out here but I've never been to it since it has been renovated. I do know that it looks nothing like this. These pictures make this place look so serene.. and I'm sure being there is so much better.

    Can't wait to see the pictures of the flowers.

  • So I'm ashamed to say that I'm a local and have never made it here. It's not even on my list even though it should be. Here I am wandering through travel blogs and I find a gem that's right under my nose. Shame on me! I did the bull run lights last year but will have to come here this year. Thanks!

  • How charming! How fall-ish! How cool! I wanna go.

  • Hey!
    so pretty!
    I just found your blog!
    I am now following!
    I look forward to keeping up!


  • It was nice but I think I'd prefer a walking one more for a better ambiance.

  • Gorgeous! I'll come with you next time.