A Taste Of Venice In Central Park

Finally got around to checking out the The Loeb Boathouse… The place in which Carrie meets Big for the first time and then he bumps her into the lake. All you Sex In The City peeps know what I’m talking about haha.

Objective: To row a boat on the lake in Central Park … Specifically having Charles row the boat for me because he’s such a strong man and I’m such a weak woman. Or maybe it was because I was trying to see him topless, flexing his titty muscles for me? Hmmm… Who knows but the day we finally made time to go boat rowing with friends, it was 90 degrees outside! And of course Charles pointed out that he was black… And didn’t need to get any blacker. 
Soooo instead of going the manual route of rowing, we walked into the Boathouse to ask about riding the one and only Gondola available on the lake only to have the waitress tell us that the boat was booked every 30 min. until 8:30pm. Mind you, it was 3:00pm at this point. But she said we could see if the “Gondola Man” could fit us in. So we went in search of the red and white striped shirt gondolier and what do you know.. His 3:30 appointment was running late so he squeezed us in for a quick 10 min. ride for $10! 
I wish you could’ve seen us… Just cruising along on the gondola relaxing all cool as we passed by people sweating and struggling with trying to figure out how to maneuver their vessels which made me even more glad we didn’t take the row boat option. It was short and sweet and once the ride was over, we headed for shade to get out of the heat. Boom. Serendipity strikes again :)

Loeb Boathouse
East 72nd Street & Park Drive North
New York, NY

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  • Omg this is freaking gorgeous! I want to go ASAP.

  • I need to do this next time I'm there! I feel like I'm not taking advantage of the sweet summer time before the brutal winter heads back!

  • I've seen in in person several times but I've never actually dined there. Or rented a boat. I may have to do that this summer.

  • Yes Sex & the City! The boathouse (and other sex and the city spots) are certainly on my "bucket list" for whenever I finally visit New York. Also, I love that Charles said exactly what I was thinking my boyfriend would've said in that situation, I cracked up reading it as I was thinking it haha


  • Umm this is on my 2013 bucket list! And you just made me even more excited about it.

  • I love this scene from SATC!!! You're making me want to have a SATC marathon. It's so awesome to see it in pictures. What is the picture of the girl in the fancy dress?

  • I love this place

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  • i'm glad that you're enjoying NYC for me. Hahahah…

    i need to row that lake soon.

  • Gorgeous pictures! Looks so fun and like a scene out of a movie!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  • NYC is such a dream city…so much to do! I love living vicariously through you!!!