A Very Merry Christmas Recap :)

December… Can you imagine a December without a Christmas, Hanukah, or a Kwanza? What do you think December would look like without all of its holiday cheer? I have no idea and have no interest in trying to find out because I like December just the way it is. With that said, allow me to transport you back in time to December 25, 2014 and recap through photos of how we celebrated Christmas. We drove down to Charles’s parent’s home and spent the holiday doing what we do best: hanging out, eating, drinking, talking smack and of course, doing it all over again. 

^^ The Nicholson Men
^^ My niece, Jada. Isn’t she the cutest!
^^ Found this little gem hanging on the Christmas tree <3
^^ Cold brews all ready to go
^^ Charles’s Dad is the cook in the family. Every holiday, we sit around waiting for him to finish warming up the scrumptious soul food he spent all week preparing. The rest of our family was told to arrive for dinner at 4:00pm. This photo was taken around 3:00pm. As you can tell, Crystal, my sister in law, was already hungry and ready to grub haha. #deathstare #hurrythehellupdaddyo
^^ Runaway Jada found some gifts to get into
^^ Almost Ready!!
^^ Talking camera settings with my cousin, Wiley. 
^^ My faves, Will and Crystal
^^ Turkey & Ham Madame

^^ Slow Cooked Beef
^^ Mac N Cheese Please (w/ Yams & Potato Salad chillin in the back)!
^^ Stuffing, my favorite holiday dish. I love to drench it with gravy. Mmm so good!
^^ Gathering around to bless the food before we dig in..
^^ Buffet Line By Design
^^ My plate: Spare Ribs, Collared Greens, Mac N Cheese, Cornbread, Stuffing, Turkey & lots of Gravy.

You know that saying, “Food Is Love”? Well that pretty much describes the holidays with the Nicholsons as well as with my side of the family as we did during Thanksgiving

Food & Family… I can’t think of a better way to spend the holidays. The cherry on top was that this was our first Christmas together as a married couple. Once again, Charles and I completely forgot the significance of this milestone until one of our cousins mentioned something about it haha. So of course, we (a.k.a. me, myself and I) had to get one kissy selfie by the Christmas tree to mark the occasion.

^^ #gag-aroni

Charles and I don’t generally smooch for the camera, it’s not really our style but I think 2015 will mark the beginning of sharing more kissy photos from us. Hope you don’t mind. We’re married now which means it’s within our legal right to share kissy photos, right? Either way, I give you full freedom to “gag” whenever I share a kissy photo in the future. ;)

Recap of our NYE Pajama Jam Party to come on Thursday. See you then!

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  • The little girls in your family are just the absolute cutest! Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas. Xx

  • you all look so happy!!!

    Happy new year!

  • I am so happy you guys had a wonderful Christmas. I can tell through pics how close everyone is and how much family means. And bring on the kissy pics…I promise I won't gag! Ha!

  • this looks and sounds like the best Christmas celebration! you all look so festive and happy, i love it. and I'm all for smoochy photos, one day you'll look back on them and smile :) x

  • GAGGG. Just kidding – you guys are the cutest! And I hear you on that soul food. MJ's parents need to open their own resturant because it's just too good not to share. Glad you had a great holiday season!!


  • All that food looks so delicious!!! Girl, I want to see all the kissy photos! And I mean that in the most un-creepy way possible. I think one of my favorite things about you two is that you DO forget all of your milestones. You're so busy living your lives in the moment and being happy with one another that the "dates" just don't really matter. True freaking love right there!