Annnnnd I'm Back From The BIM…

{First Stamp Ever In My Passport :)}
Insert Sad Face Here :(
Regardless of the close to 900 photos I took this week… No words can express how Ah- Mazing this trip was… I feel really blessed… I feel really humbled. I feel rejuvenated in my love for Charles (Bring It On Year 6) …  Not quite sure where to begin with all the sharing of my various excursions/ experiences in Barbados. The people, the food, the music, the culture, the poverty and wealth that go hand in hand… The Land. My first trip abroad was a great learning experience.

On my plane ride back to the states, I was jotting down notes…  And came to the conclusion that my trip will prolly  have to be broken down into 9 different posts  that will probably span over these next 2-3 couple months. That’s alot of blogging I’m not quite sure I want to do right now. {I all of a sudden feel kinda blog lazy lol}. Sooo I’m gonna let it cook for a while before you all get bombarded with a gazillion posts about Barbados.
I’m back at work today … You know, because I’m “totally” back in the work mindset… It’s like a cold splash of water when you spend a week on a relaxing island where time is of no concern And then come back home to hustle of NYC … Wish me luck for getting through this week … I have alot of catching/keeping up to do. Plus a fridge full of NO food, dirty laundry, and a gazillion emails to respond to… Until then, here are pics I posted on Instagram from my trip!
{First Evening on the Island}
{Accra Beach}
{My Teddy Bear Be Beach Bummin}
{Booty Tan}
{Mount Gay Rum Lecture … Eduvacation}
{Body Soft … Beach Hard}
{The Sunset in Mullins Bay}
{Checking out the Atlantic side of the island}
{Sunset at Gibbs Bay}
{Perfect Quote To Sum Up My Trip that Started off the New Year}
{My fave pic of me and Charles from last week … At St. Martin’s Bay for their Fish Fry … I ate SHARK!!!}
P.S. I managed to talk Charles into agreeing to write a post for the bloggity!!! Can’t wait to see what he puts together :) He’s still in Barbados for one more week, finishin up his study abroad trip and workin on his thesis. Or as he’s been calling it … His EduVacation.  {I was pretty much mooching off his trip haha} Can’t wait for him to get back this Friday!
Happy Monday!!!
At least TRY to be happy ;)
xo, Setarra

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  • Glad to see you made it back safely and had a great time. I enjoyed watching your adventure unfold on IG. I miss the beach.

  • These photos are stunning! Sorry to hear that you have to go back to work but it looks like you had a great time!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • I had shark in Tobago and it was the best thing I ever had. Beautiful pics!

  • Sounds like an awesome trip! I would love to go to Barbados!

  • Looks like you had a great trip! I looove that sunset photo! xoxo

  • for your first trip abroad… PROPS!!! And that last picture, LOVE the whole thing about it.

    now let's plan the next trip, girl. hahaha…

  • New follower here! Love your pictures. They have me dreaming of someplace warm and tropical, something our midwestern winter certainly is not.

  • And now and all motiation to be productive at work has been lost (let's be serious, it wasn't really there to begin with). I will now start researching my next vacay.

  • I loved keeping up with your pictures on instagram. and I can't wait to see all of the upcoming vacation posts!! :)

  • I want a beach vacay!! You look so happy, relaxed and thrilled to be there!! :)
    Nikki at

  • Barbados looks great!

  • I didn't realise that this was your first trip abroad! How crazy cool that Barbados was your first stop :) Was SO nice to finally meet you! Looking forward to seeing your posts on my little island :) I'll be posting about our link up as well…eventually. lol xoxo