Annnnnnd There Goes Our Power…

I probably shouldn’t be blogging right now but Hurricane Sandy can kiss my buttcheeks cuz I can’t fall asleep … The power was flickering on and off for the past 2 hours and finally it went out around 7:30pm…

The wind is crazy up here living on the top floor (we can feel our complex shake) and I’m super glad we decided to tape our windows. Since our building is the tallest one on our block, we have a bird’s eye view of everything that’s going on outside.
We’ve seen crazy people walking around outside, police lights everywhere, bright flashes of green lights which are the power transformers exploding in various areas. Me and the roomies are making guesses about how long it will take Con Edison to bring our power back… Meg says two weeks.
Luckily my flashlight has a radio so we are able to stay in the loop with the news. My bathtub is filled with water just in case the water pressure goes down, we’ll have something to flush the toilets with. Im glad I took out cash beforehand because now all the ATMs are not working. I have food and lots of water. I feel prepared and unprepared all at the same time. It feels like my “survival of fittest” instincts are coming to life. I hear reporters on the news talkin about the possibility of looters or see the empty aisles in the grocery and try to think to myself, “You got this. No need to panic”. I’m just going to stay home, be patient/calm and wait to hear what the next step is in the recovery after Sandy.
I’m blogging from my Blogger app on my phone so don’t hate on this post if the formatting and layout is loco. I officially have 90% left on my iPhone so it’s about time to shut it off and conserve what’s left for emergencies.
Stay Safe Everyone!!!
xo, Setarra