Another Attempt :)

Ok so remember how the roomies and I had a wine party last month and pretty much no one showed up??? Well … We’re having another party this Friday … A Halloween Costume Party!!!

Yea … We may come off as party animals. But it’s more or less that we like to have house parties so all we have to worry about is finding our way back to our beds at the end of the night. A pity for our guests who have to drive or metro it back home …   Don’t Worry:  We’ll do an end of the night patrol, snatch up people’s car keys if necessary and suggest to some of our guests to let our living room floor be their designated driver)
We set up the event for the Halloween party over a month ago and soooo far, it looks like we’re gonna have a great turnout … So far haha … (but not really haha … These people betta bring their butts)
Either way, we’ve been prepping away at home. Making decorations.  Errrrr more like my roommates telling me what to do annnnnnnd I do it. I’m not a DIY person …  I’d rather go to CVS or the Dollar store and purchase some cheap, corny decorations and call it a day. Unfortunately they know the way to my heart is dinner and a glass of wine and as a result, I’ve made a couple decorations for this party … Yuuuup. With. My. Bare. Hands.
Here are some pics of our party prep work from a couple of our DIY Dinner & Wine nights at home!
While the roomies were working on making the cloth made pumpkins I was given the task of sponge painting wine corks … Tough work ;)
Real Pumpkins vs. Cloth Pumpkins … Which ones do you like better???
 Even our pumpkin is wearing a costume to our Halloween Party!
 From Left to Right: Meg, Me, & Rachel
Do you have have plans for Halloween? What’s your costume gonna be???
xo, Setarra