April Happening


Considering we’re already two weeks into May, I’m thinking it’s about time I recap April’s life happenings :)

Unfortunately, I don’t have many photos to show for last month because my iPhone got the white screen of death a couple weeks ago and I lost everything. Everything = my contacts, my photos, my apps. It was a rough day.

But these are all material things and life goes on.  Many of the photos on today’s post are being re-shared from my Instagram account so apologies for those of you who may have already seen them.

Soooo about April. Let’s get to it.

BIRU-WP-20160515T164117GMT-0400.jpg BIRU-WP-20160515T164155GMT-0400.jpg

1) I traveled to South Carolina to hang with my girl, Anna, and celebrate my 29th birthday. We spent the majority of our time bouncing around between Columbia and Charleston and it was a blast! Again, all the photos I took on my phone = gone. But luckily, I did take pictures on my SLR camera from our visit to Magnolia Gardens so you can expect a post about our visit soon!

2) I’m officially done with Spring semester! It was a little rough towards the end of the semester because I mentally checked out but I was able to buckle down and get my work done at the last minute. For 3 days straight, I would go to work, then come home and work on my final paper and presentation like nobody’s business. And while the work I turned in wasn’t my best, I passed both my classes which is all that matters.


3) Charles and I finally popped our raw oyster cherries and it wasn’t nearly as bad as we thought it would be. As far as taste goes, the oysters really didn’t taste like much of anything to me. They just tasted like the cocktail sauce we put on them. And in regards to chewing vs. swallowing them whole, I tried both and personally prefered to chew them. I don’t know that Charles and I will be going out of our way to eat raw oysters in the future but if they’re around, we’re definitely open to eating them again.

4) It’s just hit me and Charles (as of yesterday) that our two year wedding anniversary is less than two months away! Time is seriously flying! You’re probably wondering what we’re planning to do… The answer = We have no idea. #typical


5) We attended my cousin, Molly’s wedding and it was such a beautiful ceremony. Cherry on top was that my mom and brother flew down from Chicago for the event and stayed with us for the weekend. The wedding ceremony began at 9am and went all the way through the day until past midnight where we turned up. Such great time with my family! After making all the way through the day like a champ, my brother, cousins and I agreed that Charles officially earned his “Asian card” considering this was his first time ever attending a traditional Cambodian wedding ceremony.

6) Charles and I spent 6 hours in NYC for a quick day trip. During that time, we grubbed at what was by far the coolest Indian restaurant we’ve ever been to. Again, I lost the majority of the NYC photos I took on my phone but I do have photos from our time at this restaurant on my SLR. Woot woot!


7) It’s been a while since Charles and I went on a date. But now that school’s done with and we’re both less busy, we made time for a night out at the Bowling Lanes. Of course, Charles won both rounds we played… Charles always wins when we play any form of games. Card games, video games, sporting games. You name it, Charles always wins. But I haven’t given up hope that one day I will beat him in a game of bowling and when I do, I plan to yell “Victory” at the top of my lungs! Hopefully, that day will come sooner than later.

8) After living in our apartment for nearly 3 years, Charles and I are looking to move this summer with the focus on finding a place with lower rent so we can start saving for a down payment. Some of you may or may not be aware but the cost of living in the D.C. area is very pricey compared to other areas of the U.S. As such, we are even open to the idea of moving into a studio apartment in order to stay in the rental price range we desire. Yea, I said it. A studio apartment. It’s a daunting idea – living in a much smaller space with another person but sometimes you gotta take two steps backward in order to make a huge leap forward. We shall see… I’ll make sure to keep you updated along the way.

And that’s all I’ve got for you today. Overall, I’m just so happy to be done with Spring semester and have more free time to do the things I want – like finally read my self-help books I blogged in March. I’m currently on chapter two of “Year of Yes” and already loving it.

How’s life happening on your side of the online world?


  • Oi, downsizing apartments! I feel you. J and I started to look for a two bedroom apartment and decided that we didn’t want to pay higher rent (we are saving for a down payment too). It is tough sharing a bedroom with a nearing 1-year-old, but we’ll make it work!

    • I feel ya Elizabeth, Charles and I have been discussing kids and living spaces too. We’re hoping to start a family in the next couple of years but aren’t sure if we’ll be positioned to buy a home at that point in our lives so we may still be small apartment living when that happens too. You gotta do what you gotta do :)

      • Thanks for sharing that! Small apartment living really isn’t so bad with a small baby — even with him crawling around and getting close to walking. It is especially not bad if you live near a park or have some outdoor space of your own. :)

  • I can’t believe that it’s been almost 2 years for you two!

    • I know right?!?! Time is FLYING!!

  • Whitney

    I loved your snaps from the wedding! It looked so fun :) I feel you on #8. Leila and I shared a 1 bedroom townhouse for 2 years until I got to a point where I had saved enough to move and was making enough money to afford a bigger place. I purposely chose something on the lower end when we did move, so I could still save a good amount every month to eventually buy a condo. It pay off in the end! (Although I have family in MD and I’ve looked at rents there…they are brutal girl.)

    • Niiice, Stay the path Whitney!! We’re hoping to eventually buy a condo too. We have no interest in maintaining lawns lol. As long as there’s a park within walking distance, we’re good :)

  • I loved that you are using the Married AF shirt ! XD

    • Thanks Jade! The shirt is cute annnnnd super comfy too! xo