B-Day Recap According To My Blurry iPhone Pics

Hey Guys! Hope you don’t mind if I go back to my ‘blog roots’ for today’s post. When I started blogging, I only had my iPhone and didn’t put as much pressure on myself to post photos that were good quality according to ‘blog standards.’ Nowadays, I have my DSLR and focus more on developing the content I share here on Quaintrelle but today… Today I thought I’d do a little b-day recap using the pics I took on my phone (and my friends’ phones) because I didn’t bring my Canon along for the celebration. I was more focused on living in the moment; not making sure my pictures looked nice haha. So without much ado, I present to you: The (Unedited) B-Day Recap..

Friday was like any other Friday in the sense that I went to work and didn’t tell anyone it was my birthday. But then Charles had to ruin my ‘incognito status’ by surprising me at the office with cake and flowers. So then all my co-workers were mad at me (in a joking manner) because I didn’t tell them it was my birthday. Thanks Charles. But I think the best part about Charles’s surprise was that my name was spelled wrong on the cake! Oh, I wish you could’ve seen Charles’s face when I called him out on it haha. He swore up and down that he wrote my name down a sheet of paper and that he even made the cake lady at Safeway rewrite my name down to make sure it was spelled correctly. But alas, his efforts were for naught because miss cake lady didn’t follow through. It’s all good though. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I just have one of those names that will always be miss-spelled or pronounced forever and ever. But it was fun to tease Charles about it… He’s so cute when he gets all flustered.

Throughout the day, I received so many wonderful messages via text, email and Facebook from friends & family wishing me a happy birthday! But I think my best friend, Durell, took the cake by sending me his rendition of the happy birthday song! Not only can the man out dance and leap other dancers but this man can sannnnnnng! He sings for the Brooklyn Tabernacle so if you’re in NYC, I recommend attending a Sunday service just to hear the choir sing. Love you boo :)

After work, Charles and I headed home, got dressed and made our way out into D.C. We got stuck in traffic along the way but the radio station helped us get through it. An hour and a half later, we finally made it to Stadium Nightclub. I don’t have many photos from our time here which is only right since I’m sure you guys aren’t really interested in looking at photos of naked skrippas ;)

^^^Drunken Lazy Eye, Hennessy Dragon

After making it rain, we decided to go find a karaoke place and test out our tipsy vocals. Somewhere along the way, Charles and I had a mini photo shoot? (Thanks for sending me these pics Thomas!) We eventually found ourselves at Sobe Seafood in Clarendon and had a ball singing our asses off. I don’t know about you but karaoke is always a good time. I can’t really sing but with the help of liquid courage, anything is possible haha. Insert my grammy award performance of “Lovefool” by The Cardigans below.

Birthday Outfit Details
Dress (Old Navy-Exact) Sandals (Forever 21-Similar) Purse (Rowallan) Necklace (Gifted-Similar)

^^ I was channeling Selena Gomez, hence on the weird hand gestures.

We spent the rest of the night at Sobe, singing all our favorite songs until the club shut down which is when we promptly headed next door to grab some pizza and where my friend, J.C., decided he was the incredible hulk and began bench pressing Thomas and Charles. This is where things started getting a little fuzzy and I magically found myself at home an hour later being tucked into bed by Charles.


I woke up Saturday morning feeling blah but pretty proud of the fact that I had stayed out until 4 in the morning! Woooo I haven’t stayed out that late in a long while! It made me feel like I was 21 again (for about 30 seconds). Charles and I headed out to Lmya’s picnic at an ah-mazing park in Northern VA (dslr photos to come from our time there soon). After the picnic, we made our way to Charles’s brother’s place for some quality family time which is when my sister-in-law, Crystal, surprised me with a ladies outing to get our toes did! Hello pedicure!!!

^^^ Foot Fetish People: Eat Your Heart Out..

Sunday was spent with my family at Bayou in D.C. where we ate the most delicious cajun food and I was surprised with the most decadent brownie sundae! Annnnd that pretty much sums up my birthday weekend in a nutshell… I am so happy to have been able to celebrate my 27th birthday with my friends and family and Charles. :)

I’ll be keeping a low profile on the blog this month so posts will be bit sporadic (why does this always happen when I sponsor other blogs?). With the Spring semester of grad school coming to a close, I have so many papers to write and presentations to prepare for. But don’t worry, The #ResidentTourist Link Up will still be going down on Friday, April 25th so make sure you get out there and explore your locale! Outside of work and school, you can find me at the gym trying to sweat out the bloated beer belly I seem to have developed over this past weekend. And as usual, I’ll be watching episodes on The Food Network to get me through 30 min. of interval training on the elliptical :)

Hope You Have A Great Week & Thank You For All Your Birthday Wishes Last Friday!!!

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  • It looks like you had so much fun!

    Everyone looks so good!
    and Cope *swoon*

    Happy Belated Birthday, girl!

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  • Setarra, you totally rock the iPhone photos! I loved seeing a bit of your birthday this way :) And happy, happy belated birthday!

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  • It looks like you had such a fun birthday! I love the blue dress you were wearing :)

  • Happy Belated Birthday! You're right, your bestie can sang!

  • What a fun weekend! And way too funny about cake! My name is Alyson, spelled with a "y", so I totally get it. I don't even correct people anymore. Just something I have learned to accept:)

    I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog today (via Random Wednesday). Your Resident Tourist link-up sounds like a lot of fun and I look forward to participating at the end of this month:)

    Cheers from your newest follower,

  • everything about this is amazing.I love your mini photo-shoot :)

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  • YAY! I'm so glad you had a great birthday! Here's to another amazing year of awesomeness!!!

    Thanks for linking up :)

  • You are too stinkin' cute…you and Charles both!! What an amazing birthday weekend!! You are one blessed lady!! PD- Did Charles know you were filming him the car?? xoxo