B-Girls Rule!!!

Came across an awesome article in the L.A. Times yesterday highlighting some of the dopest B-Girls in the hip- hop community right now! I was super happy to see that Bonita Lovett (third photo down) made the cut as I’ve actually taken one of her master classes before. Seriously, that woman is a beast as well as a great teacher. 
I think photographer Cheryl A. Guerrero, who is currently working on this project with the focus of capturing portraits of women with various roles in hip-hop, did an ah-mazing job shooting these ladies in action. There’s a gritty quality to these photos that feels sooo right … I’m secretly hoping this project takes off and she gets a book deal so I can buy it … I already have Jordan Matter’s ‘Dancers Among Us‘ and I feel like if Cheryl’s portraits of women in hip-hop were made into a book it would compliment my growing collection of dance literature (I have a plethora of dance history & autobiographies on my bookshelf). Take a look at some of her photos below and make sure to check out the original L.A. Times article here :)

All Photos By: Cheryl A. Guerrero

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-14at30615PM_zps8bec896b.png

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