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It’s Friday!!! I don’t know about you but I’ve been ready for the weekend since Sunday evening … And on that note, I leave you photos and a video clip of how I spent last weekend in Baltimore. Because there’s no better remedy for weekday madness than quality girl time mixed in with dancing and music and pretzel dogs … Oh yea, and we can’t forget about those crab mac n’ cheese smothered hot dogs from Stuggy’s… Didn’t get a picture of those smothered wieners (because I actually ate it) but let me tell ya… Ah-Mazing!!!

^^^Fried chicken, cake and RICE??? Yup, definitely an asian party lol.

^^^ Birthday Girl In The Middle!
^^^Brian & Daniel
^^^ Jazz Singer Serenading Our Block
^^^ Self -Timer Fun
^^^And then this guy just walked up and started twerking through the window with us at the club haha!!!
^^^Pretzel Dogs … Arf!
^^^Transaction Complete…
^^^We actually took a different and clear photo with the pretzel dogs in our mouths… But my gramma reads this blog sooo this blurry pic is what made the cut. Your welcome Grams ;) #grammafilter
^^^ Baltimore Harbor All Lit Up…
^^^My iPhone picture taking skills typically degrade as the night goes on… Not quite sure what I was trying to capture here.  Maybe I should stick to taking pictures during the day lol.
 ^^^Christina, Cynthia & Moi. Love these girls <3

 Happy Happy Weekend Everyone!!!

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  • Zia

    I just read your About page and also this post. I'm also Aries, and YES I do believe that our zodiac somehow describes our personality. I also love how you wear red in the picture(coz' that's Aries color ;)). And also, same as you, I've been waiting for this weekend since last weekend…

    Happy Weekend!

    Zia from Bits of Germany

  • looks like a fun time! and that food is making me hungry!

  • hahaahhaah that twerkin' guy… hahahahaha

  • Lol I'm so sad that you and I are so far distance wise because I just know we would totally party it up together. Haha