Before Hurricane Sandy Hit

Two days before Hurricane Sandy dropped by, Charles and I hopped on the Staten Island Ferry to take a joyride across the Hudson River. I’m super glad we took advantage of this travel option during the calm
before the storm since the ferry is now running on a limited service
The Staten Island Ferry is a cheap alternative to catch a view of Lady Liberty and the New York skyline because it’s an absolute FREE ride.  Yup. Just hop on the boat. No charge.  You may not get as close as you would if you paid to take a ferry that goes directly to Ellis Island. But free is free. And that’s all I need to know :)

This was Charles’s first (my second) time taking the ferry.  We had a smooth ride across the river.  It was a chilly, breezy day with random bursts of sunshine … The reason for my red nose and cheeks in one of the pics below.  We then stopped by the 9/11 memorial before calling it day since we were pretty pooped from partying it up the night before… Thinking about it now, our day exploring the city had a patriotic feel to it…
xo, Setarra