We Clean Up Pretty Nicely

A few photos from this past weekend wherein Charles and I had the opportunity to get dressed up for a work related gala Friday night.

Then Saturday, Charles and I went on our monthly date. Initially, Charles had gotten tickets for us to go watch Mark Morris Dance Group (one of my favorite dance companies) perform. But then one of our friends, Abel, hit us up to see if we wanted to go see the new Yayoi Kusama exhibit during the day since he had extra tickets. The highly anticipated exhibit just opened this past week at the Hirshhorn Museum in D.C. so obviously, our answer was “hell yes.”

As such, our planned date night with dance turned into a full day date with the arts = no complaints here.

(Will share photos from the Kasuma exhibit on the blog later this week.)

^^ Us getting dressed up = very rare and I must say that I thought we cleaned up nicely. :)

All in all…

Timed admission tickets to get into the Hirshorn Museum were free + Our tickets to watch Mark Morris Dance Group were complimentary as well thanks to a raffle contest we entered and won + $20 for our “fancy” dinner at Chipotle = $20 spent total on our black and yellow date with the arts.

Cheers to a date night spent way under budget and full of love and creativity!

As for how we’re closing out the weekend?

Well.. In a couple minutes, we’re about to head to the grocery store, then come back and do some laundry. And thennnnn I’m locking my brain down to work on this 20 page paper (hoping to knock out 4 pages today) before Oscars comes on.

Wishing you a happy Sunday!

(photos taken with my iPhone)