Blate & The City

Since I started blogging over a year ago, I’ve been really fortunate to meet some ah-mazing people within the blog community! From bloggers that lived in my area or across the ocean (hey Malou!), most of my blog (now IRL) friendships all began with the initial action of someone leaving a comment on the other person’s blog. Crazy right? Comments… Comments are a powerful thing and never to be underestimated… 
^^ Michael and I go waaaaay back. I met her at my first ever NYC blate last year and we linked up again right before I moved away. We’ve been blog buddies ever since and I was super excited to see her again during my recent trip to NYC. We met up at MacBar, chowed down on some bangin mac n’ cheese (we share a common obsession for good food) and caught up with each other’s lives in between bites. I am super excited for everything Michael has planned to accomplish this year (the girl is driven) annnnd can’t wait until the next time we see each other!


^^ Karly, Karly, Karly… Where to begin with this fun-loving girl? This was our first time ever meeting each other and we hit it off right away. We met up for drinks at The 13th Step. By drinks, I mean taking a couple round of shots (a girl after my heart). This was my first time bringing Charles along for a blate which worked out perfectly because Karly brought her boo, Carlos, along too! And just like the drinks, the conversation flowed between us just as smoothly and we ended the night with hugs and future plans to meet up again. Yeap, boozy blates are the best ;)
I am so happy that I was able to hang out with both of these ladies during my trip to NYC!
Next on my list? Finding a day and time to finally meet my blog twin, Chelsea, hang out with fellow dancer, Ashley, and hit up the West Coast to link up with Rima & Evani! One day… Hopefully sooner than later! Either way, the list of bloggers I’d love to meet is always growing and makes me so happy I started blogging in the first place :)

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  • So, what I've taken from this is that I need to get my ass to NYC soon and then you, Karly, Erin, and myself can take many shots and have the world's best blate ever. Yes.

  • lol @ "boozy blates" lol

  • Isn't the blogworld amazing? I never understood when bloggers said they had such a great community (this is when I was a blog reader, not a blogger) but ever since I hopped in, I have met incredibly talented folks from all over. It's the best!

  • Such a fun night! Love you :)

  • I swear it's crazy how like works… Blogging can be so many things to Soo many ppl..!!!

  • SO JEALOUS. Mostly because I'm dying to have a blate with you myself. Someday after this infernal wedding I'll make it over to the east coast.

  • You're an amazing blog AND IRL friend! Can't wait to see you this spring!! Oh, it's happening. I may have to kidnap Karly and we can joint visit. Poor Charles!

  • We WILL meet one day!!! And it has to be SOON!

    Ok, I am loving Charles' photobomb. :) Haha!

    You've had some pretty awesome blates….(spell check just changed that word like, 5 times,….blates! blates!)

  • aw that is lovely! i haven't met anyone from blogging yet, but i love the online friendships i have x

  • uh HELLOOOO. please tell me in super duper advance if you are heading to the West Coast. So i can dedicate my days for you. hahahahahaha…

  • I love blates! It was a way for me to make girlfriends here where I live after most of mine left for grad school and the like. I have a list of people I'm waiting to meet too!

  • How fun! I've never been on a blate, but I do have real life friends who also blog so it's kinda the same thing and it's nice to have people to talk in blogging language with. My husband (like most people who don't blog) thinks it's strange enough to google chat with "strangers" let alone go on a blate! He'll come around! :)

  • This is lovely! I have yet to have my first blate… now I really want one :(.

  • now i want to go to NYC, so much fun, im jealous!

  • YESSSSSS. I was just about to comment saying we need to meet ASAP and then I saw my name! Holler! haha You're too cute!

  • you met michael? i love her!! i also recently found karly's blog too. both girls are awesome

    Vodka and Soda

  • I havent been on any blates yet. I really want to. I need to meet some bloggers who are closer. You and Michael have always been on my list to meet! I love both of your blogs!