Bronx Brunette @ 5 Pointz

One of my favorite fashion blogs to follow is Brooklyn Blonde. So when I saw that Helena had gone to 5 Pointz as the setting for one of her outfit posts … The first thing I thought was “I HAVE TO GO THERE!” Not just because I’m a copycat (because let’s face it, I’m totally biting her “environmental” style) but mainly because I am a HUGE fan of graffiti.

For those who may not know, Graffiti is one of the 4 main elements of Hip-Hop. And now you may ask “Elements of Hip-Hop?” They are:

1) B-Boy 2) Graffiti 3) DJ-ing 4) MC-ing

When you put these elements together, they form the basis on which Hip-Hop culture formed in the 70’s. I could go on much further about this topic but I digress … Let’s get back to 5pointz and my attempt at an outfit post.

 {Sweater | Thrifted; Jeans | Contraband; Shoes | Creative Recreation; Shades | BCBG}

I typically live in my sweats or workout clothes. But when Charles comes to visit from VA, I like to turn it up. You know, put a lil makeup on and put some effort into my outfit. I dress based on how I feel and most of the time, my style has an urban vibe. I like to dress for comfort and I’m a big fan of menswear. There are some moments when I like to get all girly and dress uber feminine but most of the time … I’m a jeans and t-shirt type of gal.

Despite my somewhat shoe-bashing post earlier this year about my visit to Flight Club,  I’d like to clear up the airwaves and say, “I love shoes.”  I just think it’s ridiculous to spend $300-$1,000 on a pair. Why? Because I honestly can’t afford to spend that much money on shoes right now. The most I’ve ever spent on a pair of shoes/heels/dunks is $100 and even then, I had to think long and hard before I made my purchase. The nicest shoes I own were given to me as gifts for my birthday or during the holidays. (Charles got me the silver Creative Recreation sneaks I’m wearing in this post.) Buuuuuuut … If I had the money? … I’d probably splurge every now and then on a pair which would then make me a hypocrite because I had originally said “It’s ridiculous to spend $300-$1,000 on a pair” … But money is as money does.

Located in Long Island City, off the Court House stop on the 7 line, 5 Pointz is pretty hard to miss… It’s literally right across the street from the subway stop. Luckily, Charles likes to indulge me when I plan these excursions on the weekends that he visits. When Charles and I arrived to our destination, we were in awe at what we saw. There we were snapping away on our iPhones… It totally makes sense why this exhibit is known as the “graffiti mecca of the world.” I’ve only posted 19 of the close to 100 pics we took which is just as well…. Now you will have to make sure you stop by 5 Pointz and see the rest of this outdoor art exhibit for yourself if you are ever in New York :)

Dear Random Man Who Saw Me & Charles Struggling to Take Self Pic: Come to find out he was a professional photographer and volunteered to snap our “couple” pics. I think they came out great! Thanks for taking our pics Mr. Mystery Man! {All other pics were taken by me or Charles on our iPhone 4S/5}
Dear Helena: Thanks for putting me on to 5 Pointz. I had no idea it even existed until your post.
And To Anyone Who May Read This Post … I technically have one (1) picture of my outfit so does this even count as an outfit post??? Ain’t nobody got time for that haha

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xo, Setarra

  • good grief, the graffitis are amazing!
    it's hard to find great graffiti in LA (or maybe i just don't venture out too much in LA and prefer to veg in bed)…

    lucky you to have mr. photopro to take y'all's couple pic! i dig!

    one day when i hit NYC again, i wanna check out 5 pointz!

  • i love when that happens! the pictures came out great..this is some of the best graffit i've seen!
    also, i am following your blog now!
    morgan at

  • I love this!! My husband grew up in LIC so we're always looking at graffiti around there. I have actually never been to 5 points though, only gone by it on the train. I think next time I'm in LIC I will be stopping by!!

  • Amazing graffiti! And if ONLY I could get so lucky to run into a professional photog, I always end up with those lovely elderly people who don't know how to work a phone. But they're so nice anyways! lol

  • Umm can you send some of those NY taggers down to San Antonio and teach these kids how to make some good graffiti?

  • These pictures are AMAZING!!

  • Blog hopping – glad you posted more pics of these amazing "works of art"!

  • hello! following you from Not So Ordinary Wife GFC Linkup! Adorable blog, I'm your newest follower :) Feel free to stop by Tales From the Nook and say hello!

  • haha this is amazing. Lovvvvve all this graffiti.

  • That graffiti is amazing. I love it! I've also checked out the Flight Club website from time to time. I love sneakers and have a few hard to find pairs, but have never paid more than $100. Heck I found a pair that supposedly retails for $200+ and got them brand new for $40.

    And I love that you posted about the 4 elements of Hip Hop. I often hear people mistaken rap for Hip Hop and then explain Hip Hop and they look at me like I have two heads.

  • HI there!!! I came across your blog and love it:) HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you!! I have become your newest follower!!! I'm Hanna and you can find me anytime at

  • Hey, new follower from the GFC blog hop. Wow, those pictures are amazing! Can't wait to read more of your blog. :D


  • I love the graffiti, they look amazing!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  • Wow!!! That's some SERIOUS art. I bet it was surreal seeing it in person. And this is totally an outfit post!!!! ;) Thanks for linking up. Happy to find your blog!!

  • I didn't know about this place until you mentioned it in this post. I will definitely have to check it out, seems like an awesome place to admire graffiti and street art. Thank you for sharing the place and the amazing pictures!


  • I love the colors in this post! Oh, and your shoes are awesome :)