Bryant Park | Manhattenhenge

If one was to ever ask me what park is my favorite in NYC, I would hands down say “Bryant Park.” It’s small in comparison to Central Park but in this case, size does not matter ;)

During the summer… You can find herds of people doing yoga in the lawn, playing ping-pong, concentrating over intense games of chess, or reading books in the outdoor library area… But my favorite event that Bryant Park offers throughout the summer are their free dance classes & performances. On one particular summer day, I went to go see the Limon Dance Company perform in the park and also support my best friend, Durell, who is a dancer in their company. There was a great turnout for the outdoor dance concert and even random people walking through the park slowed in their tracks to watch the performance as dancers leaped and twirled while keeping time with the live accompaniment.
And what do you know… As the dancers walked on stage to perform their last piece for the evening, the sun began to set. After the performance was over, I rushed to the other side of the park watch the phenomena known as “Manhattenhenge” take place. 

To watch the sunset in perfect alignment with the east-west streets of Manhattan was quite magical… Like seriously, I was mindblown!Definitely one of my favorite moments to behold this past month while taking in NYC before I moved :)

What Park Is Your Favorite In NYC???



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  • I agree, definitely one of my favorites!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Prospect Park is my favorite, probably because it's where I became a runner! It's also really big but not scary and confusing like Central Park ;)

  • High Line and Bryant Park. That sunset looks sooo magical. I hope you find a similar spot/place in VA!

  • I SO wanted to see the Manhattanhenge this year, but unfortunately missed out. Looks stunning!

  • That looks so awesome! When I went to Bryant Park it was empty, but I liked it because it was calming and not overwhelming like central park at times…

  • The sun setting as the dancers performed?? How awesome is that?!

  • What a cool experience. I've never been to Bryant or Central Park. I know! I'm missing out. Gotta get there soon.

  • This is making want to take a trip to NYC. Love all of your pictures. So beautiful.