Burgundy & Gold In The Big Apple :)

Before you delve into this post, I will give fair warning that the photos you are about to view are filled with Burgundy & Gold colors. Sooooo if you are apposed to these colors (Piss Off Cowboys Fans), I suggest skipping this post and instead reading about some of my other travels on this bloggity ;) (Backstory: The game we watched in this post
was the Redskins’ season opening game a.k.a. RGIII’s breakout game in August.)
Before Charles left on his bus back to the DMV, we decided to go into the city and watch the Redskins game at a bar close to his bus stop. But being the Redskins fans we are, we couldn’t settle for just any bar… So Charles got on his laptop, googled: “Redskins Bars in NYC” and found Redemption Bar & Grill, a sports bar located on 10003 2nd Ave (near 53rd st.). Not only are they an Official Redskins Bar but they also have great game-day specials on food and drinks. It sounded like a winner to us, so we hopped on the train and made our way to Midtown for an afternoon of Beer, Football, & Hometown Camaraderie.
 As we were walking up 2nd Ave., we came upon some guys with the Redskins jerseys on and decided to just follow them. We figured they were going where we were going and … We were right! They led us right to Redemption Bar! We went to the bar with no expectations and left 4 hours later having had the best time ever! 

DC is only 4 hours south of NYC. As a result, you will find a huge amount DC expats living in the city. Courtesy of Charles’s T-Shirt, many people approached us because they were from DC and also alumni of GMU (Charles & I are both alumni of this university). Oh how small of a world it can be …Redemption Bar was a wild party filled with blaring music, loco fans, DRANKS & little people pouring out shots.
Yep, I said it. Where else will you find a little man giving out shots in a sports bar??? Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of cute waitresses with cut off jersey shirts walking around but this little man stole the show. It was almost like a scene out of a movie. I’m not quite sure where he came from but he made his presence known when the game went to commercial. I loved it!!! *He also threw me a free Corona t-shirt so my point of view may be slight biased ;)*
Little person aside, this opening season game for the Redskins was monumentus! The place was packed and the fans in the bar went hard! RGIII chants, people practically hanging from the ceiling lights … There were also people outside the bar peeking through the open bar windows to watch the game. For every touchdown, the room was filled the “Hail to the Redskins” Anthem and for every turnover or score from the other team, the room was filled with ignorant, drunken cussing. And for the little part of me that gets homesick every once in a while, this bar made me feel like I was home :)
A lil clip of what went down after each Redskins touchdown :)
Oh and another perk about going to Redemption Bar & Grill during Sunday Game Day … The ladies line to the bathroom during half-time is pretty much non-existent. A huge plus in my book!
 xo, Setarra