Zen Vibes @ Calabash Teahouse & Cafe in D.C.

The search for tea focused establishments in the D.C. area continues. :)

But before I dive into the latest spot I found, allow me to introduce you to my dates for today’s tea experience.


^^ This is my girl, Katherine, and her son, Zen. Technically, Katherine and I were on a lady date and Zen was the third wheel but that’s neither here or there haha. Let’s just focus on how darn cute he is for a moment…

(scrolls back up to photo and thinks “awwww look at those chubby thighs!” insert heart eye emoji here)

Ok. You done?

Let’s get back to the tea.

My most recent find = Calabash Teahouse & Cafe located in the Shaw-Howard University area of D.C.


Katherine and I immediately felt like we were entering another world the moment when we walked through the doors… A peacefully meditative and exotic world that contrasted greatly against the hustle and bustle of D.C. happening outside this teahouse’s walls.


Once we found a spot to drop our things, we headed to the bar and introduced ourselves to the teaista who gave us a very warm welcome.

With a large variety of tea offerings, we had a hard time deciding what we wanted to order.

The teaista asked a few questions… “How are you feeling?” “Low on energy?” “Feeling great and want to keep it going?” “Under the weather?”

And based on our responses, he recommend a few tea drinks to consider that would compliment our current state of being which I loooooooved.


Calabash has a wall filled with housemade herbal tea mixtures/elixirs to address your every need.

And a few of the names their teas are too good not to share.

My favorites were “Black Pussy Cat”, “Love Potion #10”, and I definitely can’t forget the “Mandingo” tea <- gotta get Charles to come back with me next time and try this one not that he needs any help in that department ;)


In addition to tea, Calabash has an assortment of vegetarian/vegans bites.

Katherine ordered a veggie sandwich that had coconut bacon in it (which she raved about) and a yummy vegan cookie. I went the spinach and mushroom quiche and one of their samosas to share.

Everything was super tasty.

calabash-teahouse-dc ^^ My matcha maca latte


Zen was channeling the essence of his name while Katherine and I were chatting, sipping and nibbling away. It wasn’t until right after she finished eating that his coos turned to cries to let her know he was hungry and wanted to eat too = perfect timing.

On our way out, we met the owner of Calabash, Dr. Sunyatta Amen.

She was so kind and knowledgeable in regards to the medicinal value of tea and homeopathic remedies. At one point during our conversation, she mentioned to Katherine that if she ever had any problems with breast feeding to stop by and Sunyatta could mix together a tea that would help with lactating which was very generous of her.

And its that generosity that resonates throughout Calabash in how it operates. It’s a very giving place.

So if you’re ever in D.C., make sure to stop by Calabash Teahouse & Cafe to find the perfect tea for your needs and to support one of the few black and female owned businesses in the city. :)

More on Calabash Teahouse & Cafe here.

xo, Setarra

  • This looks like my kind of place! Love the colourful deco too. And you know what, when I was in London I went to an amazing restaurant called Calabash of Culture (a vegan Caribbean place), and loved it! :)

    • Niiice! Sounds like great things come out of establishments with “Calabash” in their name. :)