Celebrating 2 Months & 7 Years At Ping Pong Dim Sum in DC

Ping Pong Dim Sum Washington DC


As some of you may or may not know, prior to getting married this past July, Charles and I had been together for 7 years… And during those 7 years, we never once celebrated an anniversary because we forgot to make note of the day and month that we started dating. So you can imagine how new we are to this whole idea of celebrating any type of milestone… So new to the idea, in fact, that we completely forgot to celebrate our 1st month of marriage but luckily my girl, Michael, was on top of the game and sent us a little reminder via Twitter haha! Anywho, I figured we should make up for forgetting our 1st month by remembering to celebrate our 2nd month of marriage at one of my favorite dim sum spots in D.C. called Ping Pong Dim Sum. <– Isn’t that name so much fun to say? It’s even more fun when you try to say it 5 times fast.

The last time I went to Ping Pong Dim Sum, I was with my girlfriend, Anna, and we went Ping Pong’s Chinatown location in D.C. This time around with Charles (who had never had dim sum before), we decided to go check out their location in Dupont Circle. Annnd of course, being the frugal foodie couple we are, the main reason for us choosing to go to Ping Pong Dim Sum was because Living Social was running another awesome deal for their restaurant (found here) that we just couldn’t say no to… $75 for a 5 course Dim Sum Feast for 2 w/ Drinks Included? We likey!


Ping Pong Dim Sum Washington DC
^^ Our “Ping Pong Pitcher” = Sochu (Korean Vodka), White Wine & Lychee Juice. I feel like this photo doesn’t do justice for showing just how big the pitcher actually was because his bad mama jamma provided us EACH with 4 glasses of drunken juice.
Ping Pong Dim Sum Washington DC
^^ Crispy Beef & Charles Rubbing His Chopsticks Free Of Splinters…
Ping Pong Dim Sum Washington DC
^^ Honey Roasted Chicken Puffs Creeping Behind The Crispy Beef..
Ping Pong Dim Sum Washington DC
^^ Chicken Wonton Soup Dumplings… The Soup Was Hiding Underneath The Dumpling In The Spoon.
Ping Pong Dim Sum Washington DC
^^ Hoi Sin Duck Bao Sliders
Ping Pong Dim Sum Washington DC
^^ These Vegetable Dumplings Were By Far My Favorite…
They Literally Melted In My Mouth Upon Arrival. #thatswhatshesaid #couldntresist
Ping Pong Dim Sum Washington DC
^^ Three’s Company w/ a Spicy Vegetable Dumpling, a Shrimp Dumpling & a Shredded Pork Bun
Ping Pong Dim Sum Washington DC
^^ The Look Of Love…
Quaintrelle Eating Dumpling GIF
^^ Annnnd What I Generally Look Like When I Stuff My Face w/ Yummy Food…
Ping Pong Dim Sum Washington DC
^^ Fried Dumpling, Veggie Egg Roll & Crispy Shrimp…
We Were Pretty Stuffed By This Point But There’s Always Room For Dessert Right?
Ping Pong Dim Sum Washington DC
^^ Sesame covered doughnut balls filled w/ chocolate ooze accompanied by strawberry and green tea ice cream. NOM.
Ping Pong Dim Sum Washington DC
^^ The ice cream was encased in a hard gelatin covering hence the necessary finger assistance.
Ping Pong Dim Sum Washington DC
^^ Bottom’s Up!
After dinner (my opinion on our service at Ping Pong’s Dupont location can be found here), we took a stroll around the roundabout for which Dupont Circle is named…  Annnd we circled around twice trying to figure out which club to go to before deciding that we really just wanted to go home and tuck in for the night. This manifested into us being in bed and asleep by 11:30pm. I swear… We just can’t hang like we used to. Sooo sad but sooo true. Merp.
Dupont Circle Washington DC
^^ The 2 photos I was able to talk Charles into taking… Which goes to show that one should never attempt to take outfit pics when tipsy. They may look in focus and sharp when you review them in the heat of the moment but the morning after?? I guarantee you, they will be a blurry mess lol.
Quaintrelle Selfie
 ^^ And of course… A selfie. Because what’s a date night without one? #blackandyellow <3
Now in regards to celebrating our 3 month and 4 month anniversary and so on? We decided over dinner that we would hold off celebrating every month to wait and plan something special for our 1 year anniversary. Dinner was great and all but to have to remember to plan something around the 7th of each month seemed a little daunting to us considering how laid back we are as couple. What about you? Do you celebrate the little milestones of your relationship? Or are you an annual type of celebrator? 
Also: Since tomorrow’s humpday, I’d like to confess to feeling super proud of how my red lips came out for our date night! This was a very different look for me since I generally look like this every day and I’m happy I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. It took me almost 10 minutes to line my lips and apply the lip stain just right (the dip on my upper lip was the hardest part) but if anybody asks, I woke up like this… #flawless #thepowerofmakeup

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-14at30615PM_zps8bec896b.png

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  • looks like the perfect celebration! it's fun to celebrate milestones, but i think it's more fun if you don't put pressure on yourselves and do it as you spontaneously want to – if you feel like doing something special for your 7 months anniversary, why not? and something low key for your 1 year? also a good idea :) i personally take any excuse to celebrate anything, so you know… you can never cheers to too much in my opinion, haha. you look so gorgeous and here's to many more! x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  • we are definitely a one year and dating anniversary celebrators. also can i tell you how STUNNING you look. damn!!! give me that lipstick (and just your lips in general)

  • I love dim sum and now I need to have some right now.

    Also, you look beautiful and that lipstick is perfect.

  • yearly celebrators :)

    you look amazing in those photos!

  • You look hot! Get it!!

    That food looks delish! Happy two months :)

  • My wife and I got married a month and 8 days ago, and our anniversary of the day we started dating is coming up in November, and we're of course gonna celebrate! These pictures are great! x

  • You look gorgeous! And now definitely seems like a good time to start celebrating anniversaries! We've always done something for our yearly wedding anniversaries…sometimes belated…sometimes it's not big at all, but the day always gets recognized!

  • Love the photos. You & the food both look amazing ha.

  • The red lips look gorgeous!

  • Sounds like so much fun! That food looks delicious, too!

  • This looks like such a nice date night!! I am also a newlywed! Your post has inspired me to dress up and drag the hubs out for a nice date night!! :) I just found your blog via Helene's page! Nice to meet you!

  • Ping Pong Dim Sum
    Ping Pong Dim Sum
    Ping Pong Dim Sum
    Ping Pong Dim Sum
    Ping Pong Dim Sum

    that was easy! haha :D

    And I do think you did a great job on the lips. Those red lips are so sexy!
    But I think you look pretty with or without makeup. ;)