A Chocolate Tour of New York City

An item on my list of to-do’s before I moved to Virginia was to take a chocolate tour of New York City. Because as many of you know, this girl right here looooooooves her chocolate! But a tour allll over NYC would’ve taken forever soooo I settled for a walking tour that focused on chocolate hotspots in the Meatpacking District & Greenwich Village. We did our chocolate tour via Great New York Tours (found an awesome Groupon Deal: $25 for two people!) and our tour guide, Walter, was so very charming! Not only did he guide us to the different chocolate shops but he also gave us a history lesson of the Meatpacking District and Greenwich Village while we were walking around. Can you imagine Greenwich Village as settled farmland back in the day??? I couldn’t but it was fun to learn about how NYC came to be the magnanimous city it is while chomping on some chocolaty goodness :)
Cherry on top = Sharing this experience with my homegirl, Peach. This tour was soooooo much fun!

^^Our lovely tour guide, Walter.^^


Highlights From Our 7 Stop Chocolate Tasting Tour:


– A visit to The Magnolia Bakery (another Sex & The City sighting) where we ate the moist-iest chocolate cupcake I’ve ever had … Like seriously, orgasm in my mouth.
– Trying a macaron for the first time ever at Bisousciao. The chocolate macaron was pretty dang good…  So light and fluffy! But I went back and purchased their ‘green tea jasmine infused’ macaron … OMG! Even more yummy! (Kudos to Rima for putting me on to these dainty desserts!)
– Tasting the piece of white chocolate with cayenne pepper and dried papaya on it from Xocolatti. I was thrown off at first by the combination of so many different ingredients but as the flavors settled on my tongue … I actually really liked it.
– Walking ALLLL Over The Place … I didn’t feel guilty at all for eating so much chocolate during our 3 hour tour because I was burning calories walking from one shop to the other. Perfect set up right?


  • ummm yes please! this sounds like heaven. and now I'm craving some chocolate!

  • You should've invited MEEE!!! I would've flown up there, JUST for this!! :-) What an incredible idea. And yes…I've definitely done the whole Magnolia Bakery just because of SATC!

  • Oh hey, just over here drooling on my keyboard thinking about going on this tour. OMG


  • the chocolate whore in me just died. WHERE WAS I WHEN THIS HAPPENED??!?!?!?!?!? Grrr.

    And yes, I am so happy that you get to try some macarons. Weeee…

  • What a great tour! Gotta remember this when I visit NYC.


  • This is my type of tour!!! I totally want to do this. That cupcake looks incredibleeeee

  • Holy chocolate! I actually saw a groupon the other day for a cupcake tour. I need to do it!

  • I'm coming to NYC in the beginning of September and I'm using this blog as a guide! As I've said before, you always do such fun stuff!