Some Dude’s Birthday ;)

This past weekend, I went down to VA to celebrate Charles’s 26th birthday. The couple of weeks leading up to his birthday, Charles was pretty indecisive about what he wanted to do. Since I’m the planner in our duo, I volunteered to plan something and he said “OK” with a quickness.
So I took him to Guapos and we had the grande margaritas (pretty much a bowl with a stem) with shrimp quesadillas and chips & salsa. Super Yummy!!! The whole time we were there, he was talking about how he was waiting for his boys to hit him up so we could maybe go out later. Annnnd the fact that he should’ve had a house party since he likes low key events where he can throw on a t-shirt and just hang. Let’s not forget that he made sure to say how he was happy I came down to spend his birthday with him (he better have!).

Little did he know … I had a little surprise waiting for him after dinner. I went to the bathroom 4 times to make calls and make sure everything was in place. He probably thought I had the runs … I thought the ladies bathroom at Guapos perfectly matched my outfit haha.
^^The surprise would not have happened without this guy right here! My Partner in Crime: Thomas. Thomas let me use his place to set up the surprise. He also strategically hit Charles up and asked him to come over to chill after we had dinner.

So after dinner, we headed over to Thomas’s place and surprised Charles with a birthday house party! (See … Wishes do come true haha) I was so happy that everything went exactly as planned and glad that Charles was happy with it all. It was sooo good to catch up with people that I hadn’t seen since I moved up to New York. Thank you to everyone who came out!

 Love You Charles …. Hope You Enjoyed Your Birthday Weekend <3
xo, Setarra 
  • if you get 2 comments from me that say essentially the same thing, my bad. BUT!!

    i love you guys!!

    poolie :)