Living The #LakeLife On Clearwater Lake, Maine


Long overdue but better late than never… Your girl is finally beginning the process of recapping last summer’s trip to Maine!

Today, I’m sharing a few postcards from Clearwater Lake, the setting for my family reunion where I was able to finally introduce Charles to my paternal grandma’s side of the family. Clearwater is a spring-fed lake aptly named because the water is so clear that even if you go out to deepest parts, you can still see all the way to the bottom.

A few times during our week in Maine, Charles, my brother, sister and I stopped by Clearwater for a swim. Each visit was a different experience as some days were overcast and foggy while other days were bright and sunny. It’s crazy how the change of weather can completely transform the mood of the lake.


^^ Our cousin, Austin, sailing the canoe around the lake. Definitely a photo I want to get framed :)


While in Maine, Charles and I debated over the pro and cons of beach life vs. lake life…

What with our long history of traveling to the Caribbean, we both share a love for beach life. However, I’ve always held a special place in my heart for Maine’s lake lifestyle, a lifestyle that Charles was introduced to for the first time ever during our visit.

The list of pros & cons looked a little something like this:


– consistent warm and sunny weather
– sand
– crashing waves
– endless views of the horizon

– jellyfish
– sand in the crotch
– sand bugs
– riptide
– salt water (stings my eyes)
– sharks


– fresh and calm water (so I can actually open my eyes underwater)
– no possibility of sharks whatsoever
– access of water from our cousins’ camp was within a couple steps

– standing water that is a little cooler in temps (I didn’t see this as a con, to be clear)
– no lifeguards
– mosquitoes
– little spiders that can swim/float on top of the water -> Charles was a little (lotta) freaked out when one eight-legged friend decided to swim alongside him (imagine lots of yelling and water splashing everywhere haha).

By the end of our visit, Charles admitted that while he will always love beach life, he would make a special exception for lake life… In Maine only.

And being the great wife I am, I stopped myself from saying “I told you so” even though both he and I were very aware of the fact that I had told him prior to our trip that Maine would make him a lake life believer haha.

Just another one of the situations where you gotta let the Hubs learn for himself that you will never steer him wrong…

Are you team “lake life” or “beach life”? 

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  • beach life for me:)) #travel tuesday

    • Hi Tanja! good choice haha. xo

  • Gorgeous shots, I love them!! :) This looks like such a peaceful spot.

    • Thanks Marcella! It really is such a peaceful place! I’m excited to visit again this summer :)

  • You are tempting me to visit Maine. I like to bathe in lakes because of the fresh water. But, I cannot deny I am a beach person (even if I do not get into the water sometimes). Did you visit any beaches in Maine?

    • We did visit the coast while we were in Maine but not a proper beach area. It’s definitely something we hope to do when we visit again this summer :)

  • This lake looks gorgeous and looks like you guys had such a great time! I love the setting with the hills in the background. The only thing is.. it looks COLD!! Haha! Especially when I think of Maine. And the spiders swimming next to you would probably freak me out too!

    • Haha! That’s what Charles said too – that it looked cold. But it’s not so bad – it feels like pool water that’s chilly at first but once you get used to it, the water feels pretty good. The best way is to jump in or dunk yourself under the water so you get acclimated right away. Wading in is torture haha.

  • I am on team Lake Life ALL THE WAY. I’ve found some beaches I like, but I love every lake I’ve ever been to. Plus, I feel like the weather at lakes can be much less violent than coastal weather (tsunamis, hurricanes, no thanks!). Love this pretty place in Maine; I’ve never been and would love to go! Thanks for linking up with us!

    • Oh yes, I’m sure you would love Maine if you ever visited. There are alot of stunning lakes and ponds to explore. It’s so peaceful! :)