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I haven’t had my hair cut since this past April and it was starting to look a raggedy mess sooo I finally bit the bullet and took care of it this past weekend. Annnd I couldn’t be more happy with the end results! With the shorter length, my hair isn’t as heavy and so, my curls are much more bouncy and have a better shape.


While living in NYC, I was spoiled and had my hair styled at home by my roommate (Meg) who was a Devachan Curly Hair Specialist. As such, I was very particular about taking my time and finding a salon in Northern Virginia that followed the same aesthetic for curly hair cuts (meaning: cutting my hair while it’s dry and cutting each curl piece by piece to create the shape) and I’m so happy I found the ROY Salon in Fairfax, VA which has stylists certified by Devachan to do curly cuts! My hairstylist, Tisa, did an awesome job with my hair and I can’t wait to go back in January for my next appointment. 

Seriously tho… I feel like a brand new lady :)

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  • I love it!!! You of all people will understand what I mean when I say I don't let anyone touch my hair! I have never had it cut in a salon. So… talk to me about Devachan. I know they're super pricey but I needs details :)

  • when ya look good, ya look good. seriously tho, love it.

  • you look great! I love your curls <3

  • Looks great! Some days I wish I had super curly hair. I'm stuck with something crazy in between!

  • I love it! I am planning to cut mine off soon!

  • I love it!! So bouncy and fresh and lovely. I'm so envious of naturally curly haired ladies! x

  • your hair looks amazing! As a person who has straight hair all the time, the grass always looks greener on the other side and curly hair looks great! =D

  • Very nice! I didnt realize your hair was that long!!!


  • oh hay gurl haaaaaay.
    my hair needs some TLC too. must make some time.

    lookin fly, ma.

  • You look fantastic.