^^^Can’t wait to share with you pics from an awesome park I went to last weekend! Until then, here’s a lil sneak peak :)

feeling// a bit more balanced. I usually blog M,W,F but I skipped blogging on Wednesday to handle a few real life priorities and I’m so glad I did… This might happen again next week fyi.

eating// vegetables… lots and lots of vegetables. And I’ve also been trying to moderate how much bread I eat. My stools are sooo smooth haha.

drinking// water & hot water with lemon juice and honey. I ran out of my favorite tea this past weekend and this concoction is my favorite alternative.

practicing// time management. I have the 1st draft for my arts seminar class final paper done and have all my financial statements together to analyze for my non-profit finance class’s final paper and get this… The papers aren’t due for another TWO WEEKS! This is such an accomplishment for me because I’m always writing papers the night before it’s due lol but not really lol..

mastering// the art of doing nothing and enjoying it. I thrive on being busy but sometimes, not doing anything can be just as satisfying. I feel like I can finally hear the thoughts in my head more clearly.

learning// that my dreams and goals are absolutely attainable but the timelines I give myself to accomplish them are sometimes not. Delayed gratification can be such a biotch but many of the things I want to accomplish are going to take a bit longer than I had anticipated. I just need to deal with the realities of each circumstance as they come. Patience is key. Breathing and staying focused are even more key.

finishing// up the laundry that needs to be done. Correction: NOT finishing up the laundry that needs to be done… I’ve had a pile of clean clothes sitting on my couch for the past 2 days and it doesn’t bother me what so ever. I’m determined not to touch them and hope that Charles will get message that he needs to get to folding ;)

reading// textbooks… lots and lots of required classroom reading each week (like 2 new books to read every week ugh). I haven’t read an actual novel in such a long time! I can’t wait for classes to be over so I can use the summer to get caught up on some much needed leisurely reading. Send your book recommendations my way please!

listening// to Chuck Inglish’s new album and digging the super laid back hip hop vibe. Perfect for cruising around in the car on a hot summer day… What’s mind boggling is that he doesn’t have his own website that I can link to on the blog. But he does have a Facebook page..

contemplating// cutting my hair… like really, really short. My hair grows fast, it’s already down to my back since I last time cut it.

lusting// after this bikini. Yeap, just gotta keep on working out.. #motivation

wearing// shades of grey, black, and white. Time to infuse more color into my wardrobe as the weather warms up.

cooking// nothing. This girl hasn’t cooked or baked anything in 6 days O_O. Totally fell off the crockpot wagon this past week. (been eating salads, cereal, avocado and eggs… do cooking eggs count?)

loving// Charles… He’s been so supportive and patient with me as I go through crazy mood swings while trying to juggle everything I’m doing. Thank you boo. Spring semester is done in 4 weeks and after that, I’m all yours <3

working// out. I’ve been getting up every morning at 5:30 to get my daily workout in and I’m finally getting into the rhythm of things. Europe is less than 4 months away! Gotta get this body right! 

wanting// you to join me next Friday, April 25th at 9:00am EST for another monthly round of The #ResidentTourist Link Up! Not sure what the hell I’m talking about? Well you can read my post about the link up here. With that said, make sure to get out this weekend and explore your area if you haven’t done so already! I love reading about far away places from the perspective of people who live there and can’t wait to read about all about your local adventures :)

Hope You Have A Great Weekend!!!

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  • i didn't touch my blog all week (had prescheduled posts, though) and it felt great not to have that pressure!!

    Vodka and Soda

  • I haven't posted since Monday, and I'm very much okay with that. Your blog, your rules.

    Cute bikini! I've got way too much junk in the trunk for those stringy-type bottoms, though.

    Happy Friday, Setarra!

  • I love what you are learning, great lesson there, and how you've been managing your time and staying balanced. Some things many of us, including myself, need to focus on more.

  • i really need to eat more veggies. it's just hard. 5:30 am workouts? im impressed.

  • Mastering the art of doing nothing–that is a skill worth pursuing! I'm trying to do a little more of that over here. :)

  • good luck with all the studying Setarra! and "real life" should always take priority :) xx

  • you busy bee! keep truckin' through! good luck with all your "real life" projects and goals! xo