Dancers Are The Athletes of God

It’s been a minute since I’ve shared some dance videos that have caught my eye from my weekly online browse. Enjoy :)
Dear Quick Crew:
This set is DOPE! … DOOOOOOOPE!
It helps that you guys are pretty darn hot too …

Dear City of Miami:

I love how you found a way to connect and market your sports with the arts, in particular dance. This collaborative photo shoot with the Miami Heat and Miami City Ballet came out perfectly. Don’t cha think? In the words of Albert Einstein: Dancers Are The Athletes Of God. Maybe I should look for a job in Miami working for the arts …  Beaches and Dance? Sounds like a perfect combination to me … Hmmmm…

Dear Kyle Hanagami:

I’ve been a big fan of your choreography for the longest and when you came out with this new project “Letters of Love”, it made me an even bigger fan. And this dance video you just posted a couple hours ago is a great follow up to your project! I am downloading this song by Ed Shareen as I type. Simply Beautiful.

And that’s that! I hope everyone has a great weekend. Mine should be pretty darn interesting ;)

xo, Setarra

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  • I love watching people dance! It's so fun. I'm no professional, but I love to dance!! It's so liberating! Happy Friday!

  • thanks for sharing.. love stuff like this and finding new people to watch

  • Really nice!!! I love it!!!

  • i am so obsessed with dancers abilities. the way they can move is so incredible. so you think you can dance is one of my favorite shows

  • Omg that last video was INCREDIBLE… I already love that Ed Sheeran song and I swear this should be the music video, it's so beautiful.

  • Thanks so much for these! I love dance videos and these were amazing.
    Quick Crew = awesome.
    And I am for sure getting Give Me Love. Beautiful!

  • ah, love them!

  • That Kyle video was Amazing!!! Im glad I got to see that. I definitely will be following his work now.

    Lets not even talk about Ed Shareen. His album is awesome!!! Not just that one song :)