Date Night Al (Not So) Fresco

Last year for Valentine’s Day, Charles and I went to our local Tex-Mex restaurant, Tequila Grande, and conquered the most gigantic frozen margarita we had ever seen (you can read about that drunk in love time¬†here). This year, Charles and I decided to stay in and have a picnic al (not so) fresco a.k.a. on our living room floor. We’ve both been really busy juggling our careers and school (Charles is working on his master’s degree as well) so this simple date night idea was just the change of pace we needed to unwind over the weekend.

After turning our wall into a heart filled backdrop and getting dressed up for a mini portrait session, Charles and I made our way over to Whole Foods to grab a some grocery items for our picnic. Now I know you’re probably thinking, “Whole Foods? That place is kind of pricey. I thought this date night was supposed to be budget friendly.” And you’re right, Whole Foods is a bit pricey but well worth the investment in the quality of their produce.

Charles and I usually grocery shop at our local Safeway but every once in a while we like to treat ourselves to the Whole Foods experience. You just have to know how to shop at Whole Foods so it doesn’t break the bank. We always make a point to purchase their “365 Everyday Value” brand food products because they’re always priced lower than the other brands on the shelf.

Our picnic grocery shopping list looked a little something like this: wine, cheese, prosciutto, broiche bread, grapes, strawberries, crackers, trail mix and sesame sticks (my guilty pleasure. They make my breath stink but I love them). The bakery also happened to be running a V-Day special on their “small sweets” which meant that we could get 5 small sweets for $5.99 and then get one extra dessert item for free!

While I was over at the bakery picking out our desserts for the night, Charles went in search of some trail mix. Little did I know that he also had a little surprise waiting for me when I met up with him in the nuts aisle (<– that’s what she said)… A bouquet of the most prettyful roses! Definitely not on our list of grocery items but I happily accepted them. :)

^^ Our Haul
When we got back home, we rinsed the fruit and set up our picnic blanket and cutting board with food on the living room floor. I also managed to talk Charles into posing for a few photos because I thought he looked so dapper for V-Day. I swear the man has better style than I do.
^^ Isn’t he the cutest?

^^ Trust me when I say that heart was very necessarily placed lol. I was wearing nude panties which made the “peek a boo crotch shot” looked even more suspect looking than it actually was…

We closed out our picnic with a movie. Charles has been on my case since we met 8 years ago because I had never seen “Boomerang”, which is apparently an Eddie Murphy classic. So that’s what we watched and I must admit, the movie was hilarious. Next on Charles’s list of movies I have to see: Coming to America, House Party, Krush Groove and Friday After Next. If these movies are as good as Charles is hyping them up to be then I can’t wait for our next movie date night because I loooove me comedies. <3

If you’ve never had a picnic on your living room floor, I highly recommend adding it to your list of date night ideas. The idea is so simple in implementation that there’s really no way you can mess it up. Romance is all about taking the ordinary moments and making them extra-ordinary. It’s the thought that counts, not how much money you spend. Don’t you agree?


  • I love the little picnic date and might have to try it sometime! Also, I was highly confused when I saw liquor in your grocery store.. I forget other states aren't as strict as mine.

  • Deborah Holmes

    So cute!! Boomerang!!! Ughhhhh! I love that movie! I'm gonna go run and watch it now. And that list that you still have to watch. They're all amazing! Enjoy!

  • This is such a cute idea! You're right about Whole Foods, too. You do have to know how to shop there, and that 365 brand will help you get your whole kitchen in order. Their vegan cookies are realllllllly good btw.

  • Hi Acacia! Yes, you must give the picnic date night idea a try! What are the regulations in the state you live? In Virginia, wine and beer can be sold and bought in general grocery stores and you can only buy liquor from the ABC stores but 30 minutes away in Maryland, you can't buy beer or wine in the grocery stores.

  • Boomerang was soooo funny! And yay, that makes me even more excited to get through Charles's list.

  • Girl, you had me at vegan cookies. In particular, I have a slight (huge) weakness for Whole Foods's dark chocolate chip vegan cookies! Whenever I stop by there, I always get at least one cookie and it's usually all gobbled up 20 seconds after I pay for it at the register haha.

  • I live in North Dakota, you can't buy any alcohol from the store. We have liquor stores like Happy Harry's which is pretty good and not too bad price wise. I don't know about other states, but I definitely miss the freedom of walking in a store and getting my wine.

  • Oh wow! Well that just made me grateful for something I take for granted everyday.

  • Y'all are so fun! I really love the idea of a living room picnic. Very intimate and fun and you'll never forget it. I need a little more of you in me! I haven't been to Whole Foods in forever…need to change that!

  • omg Ashley, I just know you and your husband would enjoy this picnic idea! And heck, I'm sure your boys would love the experience if they were a part of it as well!

  • STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys make me wanna vomit…in a good way!! I swear you guys are the cutest and make the most of life. I wanna be like y'all when i grow up!! And the "nut aisle"….I am still laughing!! God love him!! Ha!!

  • Haha this is the first time I've heard of someone wanting to vomit in a good way! I will add the phrase to my repertoire asap. And the same goes to you Shanna! I'm trying to work on my inner fashionista and figure out my style and I so love reading your blog for inspiration and wisdom :)