Date Night w/ Boyfriend #2

Dinner at P.J. Clarkes with my best friend, Durell, before heading across the street to see Alvin Ailey American Theatre‘s performance at the Lincoln Center = A perfect bestie date night.

It doesn’t matter what we’re doing, I always have so much fun with Durell. One of my favorite things to do is go watch dance concerts with him. There’s nothing like discussing/critiquing a dance performance with someone who completely understands the terminology and history of dance. He just gets it. So much so that I call him boyfriend #2. Because obviously Charles is boyfriend #1 ;)

A little inside tidbit: The Lincoln Center sells discounted student tickets at their box office couple hours before each night’s performance. Granted, Durell and I graduated from college 4 years ago but we still have our student i.d. cards … $15 tickets are totally worth taking advantage of the student system for our own benefit … Gotta make that college debt worth something

The Lincoln Center For The Performing Arts
10 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York, NY 10023

Happy Monday Everyone! Today marks the two week countdown until my big move! Ahhh soooo much to do… I should probably start packing… Errrr maybe next week?

  • I love this post and the pictures! I've been to NYC twice, only for a day, and I'm dying to go back. This looks like the most perfect date! Glad you had such a good time.

  • You are freakin GORGEOUS girlfriend. What a fun night out, I'd love to see Alvin Ailey!

  • HEYYY beautiful, damn anddd I no longer feel bad for milking my student id for all it's worth haha


  • Ahh I LOVE the one of you on the fountain that is so pretty!

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  • well this looks like a blast. and love your dress, you pretty thang.

  • I love the pic of you in front of the water! Looks like a fun date night ;) I love that you call him #2!

    Thanks for linking up

  • I definitely did a double take when it said "Boyfriend #2". I was like what??? But looks like it was a great night out!


  • Looks like a great night in NYC! Love PJ Clarkes :)

  • oh my goodness! you two are so cute and i just love all these pictures! what a great night!

  • I was like BF # 2 What? lol jk Ok, beautiful picture, but I had to scroll back to look at your sandals. WANT! lol :)