Day Trip From Seattle To Vancouver // Part 2


Following lunch at Bon’s Off Broadway, Charles and I hopped in the car, drove through Downtown Vancouver and across the bridge to check out Granville Island’s Public Market.

To be fair, Granville Island isn’t actually an island – it’s a peninsula located across False Creek across from Downtown Vancouver with a market serving as the city’s shopping district.

The Public Market reminded us a little of La Boqueria in Barcelona – an indoor/outdoor market that’s home to a plethora of local vendors who sell fresh produce and goods every day.

img_1266-1.jpgimg_1265-1.jpg img_1267-1.jpg

^^ Downtown Vancouver views across False Creek

img_1270.jpg img_1274.jpg

^^ Whenever I travel, I always try to find local tea to bring home as a souvenir.

Earlier this year, while in Charleston, SC, I brought home a box of Charleston Plantation Peach tea. As such, I super excited to find The Granville Island Tea Company while strolling through the market. Brought me home a packet of their jasmine green tea :)


^^ Snacking on donuts from Lee’s Donuts.


^^ Sipping some local berrrrrrr at the Granville Island Brewery.


After spending a few hours walking around, purposely getting lost while snacking on little bits of food and dranks, we eventually found our way back to the car and headed to La Belle Patate for some poutine.


Just like croissants are to Paris, sushi is to Japan and cheesesteaks are to Philadelphia – one cannot visit Canada without trying a plate of poutine.

And in case you’re wondering… Poutine = French Fries + Cheese Curds + Gravy

Poutine = French Fries, Cheese Curds, Smothered with Gravy

img_1294.jpg img_1296.jpg

While I’ve had it before (and love it), Charles had never tried it.

So it was an absolute must for us to order a plate for dinner before making our way back to Seattle.


^^ We ordered the “La Belle Poutine” – all the basic ingredients with smoked meat.

After a few bites, Charles declared that while the plate was savory and the flavoring was tasty, he wasn’t a fan of the texture of cheese curds and pushed the plate to me signifying that he was done.

This was a-ok since it meant more poutine for me haha.


Poutine finished, we walked about 9 blocks downhill from where La Belle Patate was located in the direction of Sunset Beach to (if the name doesn’t already give it away) watch the sunset.

Unfortunately, the sky was overcast at this time of day for us so we weren’t able to catch a colorful view of the sun setting but it was beautiful (and a serene experience) none the less.

img_1279.jpg img_1275.jpgimg_1286.jpgimg_1287.jpgimg_1288.jpg

We sat on one of the beach logs and reflected on our time in Vancouver as the sun went down…

We had a super long list of things we wanted to do. Obviously, we didn’t get around to doing everything on that list but we were really happy with the things we did do.

If this was us 2 or 3 years ago, we probably would’ve tried to stay up and check out Vancouver’s nightlife scene then attempt hit the road back to Seattle at 4am.

But present day Setarra and Charles were ready to hit the road by 7pm with the hope of making it back to Seattle by 10pm so we could go to SLEEP.

And that is exactly what we did… We’re getting old lol.

Have you ever been to Vancouver? What are some of your favorite things to do in Van City?

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  • Haha my boyfriend and I are exactly the same – sleep is just too good :D

    • Yessss, sleep is soo necessary these days. If I don’t get at least 7 hours, I’m a grouch lol

  • This looks like such a great day! I love visiting local markets and so cool that you found one of your favorite teas there. I also LOVE that picture of you in the Poutine window! The poutine looks pretty yummy too! I had some in Portland last year and it was SOOOO good! I totally feel you on heading home to get a good night sleep after a long day too…. like Van said below sleep is just toooooo good! :D

    • Yesss, poutine is soooo good! And same with visiting local markets, I feel like its a great way to people watch and try a variety of food that you would otherwise not have access to :)

  • We really enjoyed our time at Granville too, and I love that you have a tradition of bringing home tea from wherever you visit! Having little traditions like that are always so much fun! The poutine sound so good! I think that anything that combines french fries and cheese I can get behind!

    • I love that we went to alot of the same spots in Vancouver! Great minds haha :) And poutine is soooo good! It’s no longer exclusive to Canada as I’ve seen a few local restaurants in D.C. serve it – so if you see it on the menu, you gotta order it :)

  • Oh you give me the traveling bug! Things have changed over the last couple of months and now I actually have more opportunity to travel! Keep Sharing!