Dinner & Jazz @ The Hamilton D.C.

When a friend of ours got tickets to a live concert presented by the D.C. Jazz Festival and then was unable to attend at the last minute, Charles and I smoothly inserted ourselves to save the day by offering to go see the show ‘on their behalf’ this past weekend… And what followed this past Saturday was by far one of the swankiest evenings we’ve had in a long while! 

Location: The Hamilton in D.C. We took the train to the Metro Center station and walked 2 blocks over to the restaurant/music lounge. It’s in a pretty convenient location right in the heart of downtown D.C. The Concert: The Dizzy Gillespie (TM) Afro-Cuban ExperienceBut first, dinner! Because music is best celebrated on a full stomach…
 ^^ My Handsome Date <3
^^ Shrimp Tempura Sushi Roll for our appetizer… The only sushi roll Charles can get down with haha.
^^ Peep The Gran Marnier Sangria On The Side
 ^^ I ordered the Pan Seared Cauliflower Steak w/ Sautéed Quinoa & Arugula.. Surprisingly rich & filling!
 ^^ Charles got the Brisket Sandwich w/ Fries. Looks simple but woo! It packed alot of juicy, tender flavor!
^^ Sexiest  & Surprisingly Tastiest Giant Cauliflower That I Ever Did See…
 ^^ Allow me to introduce you to the Chocolate St. Louis Gooey Cake!
^^ My “Watch Me Crush This Gooey Cake” Face.. 
 ^^ Crushed… Like A Boss. Check, Please!
After dinner, we made our way downstairs to the music lounge where we found seats near the stage and sat back to enjoy the live performance of saxophones, trumpets, piano, guitars, bass and congo drums meld into a harmonious symphony of afro-jazz melodies… The energy of the music was so contagious! Especially in a such an intimate and enclosed environment; I felt like the beats were blasting through my body and I couldn’t help but dance in my seat during every single set. :)
^^ Not my best angle so don’t focus on me. Instead, focus on how ah-mazing the stairs are! Loved the lights!
^^This trumpeter was sooo good!! 
I couldn’t decide which version of the photo above ^^ to post so I’m sharing both.. Because sometimes it’s fun to fulfill the stereotype of being a “narcissistic blogger” haha. With that said, our date night at The Hamilton was the shizzzzz and if you’re ever in the D.C. area, I highly recommend checking out their site to see what live performances they have lined up every month. Charles and I have every intention of coming back to The Hamilton for another multi-dimensional experience of scrumptious food and delightful live music. Dear Hamilton: You rock!
And you? Seen any intimate live concerts lately? Or do you prefer grand arena stage concerts?  I tend to go back and forth on which musical setting I prefer based on who the performer is… Speaking of which, Charles and I have tickets to see the On The Run Tour w/ Jay Z and Beyonce next Monday in Baltimore at the massive M&T Bank Stadium – home of the Baltimore Ravens!!! We’re kinda in the nosebleed area but I don’t care. As long as I’m there, that’s all that matters haha. I’m a huuuuuge Beyonce fan and cannot wait to see her do her thang on stage even if it’s from wayyyyy up top!!! Counting down the days!!! 

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  • bands playing in an enclosed area isn't good for my old lady ears! i used to love watching/listening but these days, i'm all WHY IS IT SO LOUD?!?! #oldhagstatus

    Vodka and Soda

  • Holy YUM, Setarra! I love dinner + music and this combo sounds amazing. We love Clive Bell's, a dinner and jazz club here in Detroit :)

  • Live shows in the summer are the best! Jazz date nights are so warm and magical *sigh*…let me stop before I become a real sap on here…in public. lol

    Gorgeous photos, seemed like a great synopsis of you guys' evening.

    – ♥ Chymere Anais

  • Lucky! They are an amazing jazz orchestra. Sounds like it was a blast.

  • I love the idea of a nice meal and an evening listening to jazz. Sounds so perfect and sophisticated. I wanted to do that when I went to NY last time but we didn't really know where to go. Do you have any recommendations for London?

    Looks like you had a fantastic time :)


  • This is such the perfect date night. Absolutely love your blog and glad that I found it.

    Nothing but love,

    Kay Wanderz

  • Wow, the food look really good!

  • How fun, dinner and dancing! You are rockin that short hair, I love it on you!