Don & Tia’s DC Engagement Session

1) Thank you so much for your birthday wishes in my last post!

2) Remember how I said that I was giving myself one week off from blogging as a birthday present to myself? Well, that kind of turned into two weeks lol. Totally unintentional but nonetheless, a welcome break. With that said…

3) Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite photos from Don & Tia’s DC engagement session that we snapped a couple weeks ago. Both Don and Tia share a love for art and music. As such, I chose locations around DC that reflected the vibes of their mutual passions. Enjoy :)

don-tia-dc-engagement-session-2.jpg don-tia-dc-engagement-session-4.jpg don-tia-dc-engagement-session-6.jpg don-tia-dc-engagement-session-5.jpg don-tia-dc-engagement-session-7.jpg don-tia-dc-engagement-session-3.jpg don-tia-dc-engagement-session-8.jpg don-tia-dc-engagement-session-10.jpg don-tia-dc-engagement-session-9.jpg

^^ Location #1: Mr. Brainwash’s Mural at Union Market 

Commissioned by The Girl’s Lounge for International Women’s Day, this mural by street artist, Mr. Brainwash, has been up for almost two months now and is definitely one of my favorites in the DC area. The slogans “Follow Your Heart” and “Love Is The Answer” are universal taglines that perfectly defined Don and Tia’s shoot. Add in those colorful hearts in the background and the decision to go with this location was a no-brainer (pun intended).

don-tia-dc-engagement-session-11.jpg don-tia-dc-engagement-session-15.jpg don-tia-dc-engagement-session-18.jpg don-tia-dc-engagement-session-17.jpg don-tia-dc-engagement-session-19.jpgdon-tia-dc-engagement-session-13.jpg don-tia-dc-engagement-session-16.jpg don-tia-dc-engagement-session-14.jpg

^^ Location #2: Som Records

Don and Tia own a record player and have a growing collection of vinyl. Knowing this, I googled “record stores in DC” and ultimately decided on shooting at Som Records, located near the U St. area in DC.

Records all over the walls and old signage for DC concerts (by the likes of Marvin Gay and Jimi Hendrix) dating back to the 50′ and 60’s… The interior design of this store was funky in a wonderfully warm way. We arrived Som right when it opened at noon and had the place to ourselves for a decent chunk of time which worked out perfectly.

I must confess I was a little nervous going into this engagement session since it’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like this. But all things considered, I’m really happy with this first attempt and how the photos came out.

– From all things pre-production – consulting with Don and Tia to understand their expectations of the shoot, guiding them through putting outfits together, and scouting locations.

– To the day of production – figuring out ways to make them feel comfortable and relaxed so I could capture them in more natural, candid moments, verbally directing them in their poses and being able to figure out the right settings on my camera to get the lighting just right very quickly.

– To post-production – editing the photos and figuring out the best way to present the final package of photos to Don & Tia.

This photo session was such a great learning experience in figuring out the most efficient way to manage the creative process of photography from a more professional standpoint.

A big thank you to Don and Tia for trusting me to snap their engagement photos for them. I can’t wait for their wedding in November!

With that said, I wish you a happy Sunday. :)

  • What lovely photos, I love the two different locations!! :) Such creative shots too, well done! :D

  • *adds to list of places to shoot!*

    You killed this shoot! The second locations is so clutch I love it.

    • Thanks Valla! That really means alot to me coming from you since I soo admire your photography! :)

  • Whitney

    So cool! I love that mural…Might have to stop by and snap a few pictures with Boomer in June. Also very cool you got to do this with your friends. I think the pictures are lovely and unique.

    • Yes, you should! Let me know if you need any recommendations for your trip in June :)