Postcards From Our Eastern Caribbean Carnival Cruise

carnival cruise

Annnd we’re back from our Eastern Caribbean Carnival Cruise = 7 days at sea with 4 stops at the following port of calls: Nassau, Bahamas // St. Thomas, USVI // San Juan, Puerto Rico // Grand Turk of Turks and Caicos!

Overall, I think it’s safe to say that my first cruise experience was a pretty dope one. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about being stuck on a ship for so long while only having 8 hours to explore each port. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was an endless list of things to do on the cruise. I also found that 8 hours was just enough time to give me a taste of each country we stopped at. A taste that piqued my interest enough to want to come back to a few of those countries and explore some more.

As usual, I took a whole bunch of pics while away… And since I wasn’t sure where to begin with the recap, I figured a photo dump might be a nice way to jump into the swing of things. All of these photos were taken with my iPhone. I had brought my SLR camera along on the trip but found that I preferred the incognito approach of snapping pics with my phone than with my SLR. It just fit more with the overall laid back, beach-y vibe of the trip. Enjoy :)

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Have you ever been on a cruise? How was your experience? Would you do it again?

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  • Gotta love cruises! Nice to see some photos form Puerto Rico (I am from there). Haven’t visit in a long time, I feel like taking a plane right now because of your photos.

    • Hi Ruth! I especially enjoyed our way toooo short time in Puerto Rico! We were only able to explore Old San Juan but definitely want to come back and see more of the country. Also, the food we ate while there was soooooo good!

  • Kiara

    I’ve never been on a cruise, but these pics are making me want to book one soon! Love it Setarra!

    • I can totally see you and Samir going on a cruise! I think you guys would enjoy it. Miss you Kiki! <3

  • I never been on a cruise myself but I heard nothing but good things about them and surprising they are actually affordable so I have definitely been living under a rock.

    • I was surprised by how affordable the cruise was for the 7 days as well, especially when you consider the fact that it includes your room, unlimited amounts of food (ahem, soft serve ice cream – which I ate everyday haha), entertainment and stops at different islands. The amount we paid (about $750 pp) was definitely worth the experience.

  • You are such a hottie, Setarra! Looks like you guys had a bunch of fun, and those views are what I’m dreaming of right now. Let me know when you’re thinking of booking another one. Maybe we can meet at the docking point!


    • Thanks mama! Please note that I only posted the good pictures of myself. By the end of the trip, I looked more like a “bloated hottie” after stuffing my face with food and dessert every single day haha. We’re thinking of going on another cruise in like 3-4 years but if you and J are interested in going sooner, you should totally go! Definitely a “couples approved” travel experience. Lots of opportunities for romance :)

  • I’ve been really wanting to go on a cruise recently… I never have and it looks a lot of fun! (I’d actually love to work on a cruise ship for a bit.. maybe at some point!) Beautiful photos :)

    • Thanks Camilla! I think working on a cruise ship sounds like a great option to make money and travel. I spoke with a few of the cruise staff while on the trip and it seems such a sweet gig because their room and board is all taken care so they’re able to save money and explore each country when the ship docks as well.

  • I want to go on a cruise like NOW after reading and looking at these pictures. Girrrrl, get yo life! These photos are so vibrant and colorful and the fun you two had during your vacay can be felt through them I swear. The cuteness of you two, I can’t lol :)

    • Thank you Sheriden! It really was such a great time and is a way a traveling that I think everyone should try at lease once in their life. Charles and I went with his family and it was so much fun to share that experience with them. :)

  • Cruise ships never amused me much but after seeing this post I have officially converted. It looks like such a fun and relaxing way to travel!

    • Hey Isabel! I was the same way before I went on this (my first) cruise. Usually, I prefer to have a decent amount on the ground to explore a country which is what made me question how much I would enjoy going on a cruise. But it was soooo much fun! I think, especially for the ships that go to beachy places, it’s a great way to see alot in a short amount of time while having everything taken care of for you. We spent almost everyday or every other day at a beach, can’t get much better than that :)

  • Hi Van! Yes, you should definitely look into going on a cruise. Such a fun experience!