FamsGiving 2016


I think it’s safe to say that regardless of whether you protested or celebrated Thanksgiving, everyone in the U.S. was more than ready for the 4 day weekend the holiday provided.

Yes, I totally am aware that the true meaning of Thanksgiving is phucked up. Cuz it is – super phucked up.

However, the tradition of Thanksgiving is so ingrained within my family that there was no point in trying to make a stance to skip “communing over food and being thankful for what we have vs. have not”.

Instead, Charles and I used this time with our families to discuss current social issues in America – making sure we were all aware with what this holiday actually represents and ways to support causes that we believe in. For example, not spending money at establishments that support He Who Must Not Be Named and making a donation in support of the North Dakota pipeline protests because water is life.


Since we planned to spend actual Thanksgiving with Charles’s side of the family in the 757, I hosted an early Famsgiving at our home for my side of the family last weekend.

Splitting the holidays is something that comes with “married life” unless you’re fortunate enough to have both sides of the family living in close proximity. Not a big fan of it but it keeps things fair.

Charles’s family is coming up to D.C. for Christmas so we’re hoping to do breakfast with my family and then dinner with his so that we spend the holiday with everyone.

Next year, we’d like to coordinate having both sides of the family together for the holidays. Crossing my fingers it works out as we plan :)

How did you spend the 4 day weekend?

  • I spent Thanksgiving all myself in my first apartment, different, but I liked it.

    Happy Holiday, everything looked like fun

    • Niiiiice, congrats on your first apartment Amanda! Wishing you a Happy Holidays!