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Dropping in on your Tuesday for a random fashion post to share what my favorite Fall Outfit is. It’s called ‘put on a pair of skinny jeans and boots and search through your significant other’s closet for the perfect oversized boyfriend sweater’… Or in my case, fiance sweater ;)  I’m a huge fan of menswear and sometimes I get jealous of Charles’s clothes so you know, I’ll take borrow a couple pieces here and there… These pics are the product of a 5 min. shoot in our apartment’s garage during which I told Charles to just snap as many pictures as he could and that I would filter through them later. We were paranoid the whole time that a car was going to turn the corner ramp and run us over because nobody actually abides by the 5MPH sign haha.

{Fiance Sweater – Ralph Lauren | Boots – Forever 21 | Jeans – Old Navy }

When I initially started working on this post … I had 5 ‘blog qualified’ photos that would totally fit into what one would consider meeting the requirements of a fashion post. You know … the ‘hand on hip’ pose, the ‘face beauty shot’, the photo of just my boots and two shots of me where I was posed in ways that made me look the skinniest. But as I kept looking at the photos, something felt off… It just didn’t feel genuine… For all the photos I post on this blog, there are sooooooo many more that never make the cut because I think they aren’t good enough… You know, based on how other bloggers portray their material via photos on their blog. (yeap, I fall into that trap sometimes too.)

Fortunately for you, I ended up deleting my first set of pictures and replacing them with the ones above … These are the ones that would normally not make the cut. Despite my boots being cut off in some pics, the awkward open mouth facials along with a few photos blurry in composition and angles/poses that make me look frumpy in my sweater… I found myself gravitating towards the candidly imperfect photos for this blog post as apposed to photos with my perfectly placed limbs … Because they just felt more real to me … And while it’s obviously more easier said than done, I think being real is more important than being perfect … I also think the ‘peace sign pose’ should be a required pose for all fashion posts …

P.S. My Halloween Drinking Game is up on Sarah’s blog! Go check it out and prepare to get drink drank drunk ;)

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  • sometimes i find myself wandering over to the men's department to see what they have. their stuff is so cute. I love this sweater. i'd totally wear it.

  • love these perfectly imperfect pictures :) and the sweater looks so cozy too. your drinking game on venus traped in mars was fab!
    — jackie @ jade and oak

  • A cozy sweater, skinny jeans, and boots, are my uniform all winter long! Loved that you borrowed your from the boys!

    Eat Play Dress

  • such a cute sweater and lovely you..great combination doll!! :)

    Would you like to follow each other?

  • and that's whyyyyy i love you.

    we should do like a random link up where we put up our candid/im-not-ready-for-the-camera pictures… because that's more authentic and because we are rad women :)

  • I love that you chose the less-than-perfect photos. Xo

  • I wish my hubs wasn't so much bigger than me because I would definitely be swiping a sweater or two from his side of the closet!! :)

  • That sweater looks so cozy! And I agree with Shanna, I wish I could wear my hubby's clothes!

  • Yes, these are some great shots and I'm glad no one came speeding through the garage! Hopped over from WIWW.

  • Excuse me while I love you more for posting these "imperfect" photos. I always feel messy in my fashion posts, so I don't care anymore haha I do always fall into the hand on the hip pose though.

    Also, I steal MJ's clothes more than I probably ever should. Oooops!


  • I bet that sweater is very comfy and you wear it well. Visting from Style Sessions. . . .

  • I'm so behind!!!

    I agree that these candid shots are more real than any "posed" shots. I'd steal that sweater too!

  • Love the picture you posted!! gorgeous honey :)

  • LOVE this. You have such a radiant personality that shows through these fun pictures. Anyone can take the standard hand on hip pose (helllllo that's all I take) but these really speak to who you are! Love it.