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  • This past weekend was so damn enlightening… Saturday, I had a breakthrough on some issues I’ve been working on and as a result of said breakthrough, got myself up early on Sunday for a 9:00am hot yoga class. After the class was over, I immediately signed up for the unlimited monthly class membership option and as of today, will be on my 3rd consecutive class. My upper body is so sore in the best way possible.. I had been taking hot yoga classes here and there but it’s time for me to really commit. My goal is to take yoga between 3-5 times a week throughout the rest of summer. I can do this. I will do this. I’m a bad bitch…
  • Charles recently put me onto Entourage (he loves that series like no other) and ever since, I’ve been eating my way through a marathon of episodes trying to get caught up. I’m now on Season 7 (one more season to go!) and am an official fan of this retired HBO series. They just wrapped up filming the movie adaptation so hopefully it will be released into theaters sometimes next year, if not sooner. P.S. Turtle can GET IT.
  • Ever since I started eating an avocado for breakfast every morning (along w/ eggs and toast), I’ve stopped craving chocolate as much. *GASP* I know, I know… Crazy right?! It’s been almost 2 weeks since I’ve eaten anything chocolatey (I usually eat some piece of chocolate everyday) and I swear it has something to do with me eating avocados more regularly. Not sure how but my gut is telling me that there is a correlation going on somewhere. Hmmmmm.
  • The A/C is on in my apartment right now!!! After living in NYC and enduring crazy hot summers in the concrete jungle without A/C for 2 years, it feels so luxurious to have the mocha frappin A/C pumping some cool air out!! Life is good in the Vir-gin-I-a :)
  • Charles and I’ve been having some serious talks lately… Discussions about saving up to buy a home in the next 5-6 years, discussions on how we’d like to raise our future children, and where we hope to see ourselves career wise in the next few years, etc. We’ve been living together for almost a year now (come August 1) and I think we’re at a point where we are feeling like it’s time to start really planning for the future as apposed to taking it day by day as we’ve usually done for the past 7 years. I guess this means we’re finally growing up? 
  • Ever since I started eating more healthy, I’ve been very, very regular and it’s made me so happy. Going #2 is one of my favorite things to do. It’s like losing weight without the workout part attached. I love it. (TMI? Sorry I’m not sorry. Don’t act like you don’t go #2 too…)
  • This is the 2nd GIF I’ve made for the week on this bloggity… I’m on roll ya’ll and am feeling like I should close out Friday’s post strong with a GIF as well. Maybe? Maybe not? I’m trying to think of what I would make a GIF out of… Any suggestions?
  • Lastly, if you haven’t seen this Chipotle parody video or this video of a man alone at an airport all night… Then you’re missing out on priceless entertainment. The end.

Cheers and Have a Happy Hump Day!

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  • I love everything about this post.
    Yay for hot yoga!! I've had to give it up recently, because it's just not in my budget right now, but as soon as my power bill goes down in the fall (I can't stand this GA heat, so I keep my a/c BLASTING), I'll be signing up again. Then i'll be back to mastering the scorpion & king pigeon poses. And, no, it was not too much information, because I can't even eat breakfast in the morning if I don't go poo first! And don't even get me started on vacations. My body's schedule gets allll outta whack when I'm out of town – never fails. It feels so good to be regular! Everyone always makes fun of Jamie Lee Curtis in those activia commercials, but at least she's keepin' it real!

  • Yay for hot yoga! I am recommitting as well!

  • Yay for a hot Yoga Class to kick off your mornings…and at least you got to come home to the AC; I am currently jealous, I live in CO and have no AC…

  • I'm weak because if I don't go to the bathroom right after I eat i kinda get upset… I'm like, I need whatever I eat to go right through me lol #tmi #tmi

  • I love hot yoga. I just wish it wasn't so expensive! And I could totally get on board with an avocado every morning. Yum.

  • Oooohhh A/C and Fraps ALL THE WAY!! So luxurious!! The best!! And eating healthy makes me crazy regular and my system is always so thankful!! ;) XO


  • I am a chocaholic, I need to buy some avocados and see if it works for me too I crave chocolate so bad!

  • yay for hot yoga!! I've taken a class or two and there is something surprisingly refreshing about sweating that much. I also was rollin as you keep it real about being regular! haha i'll cheers to that.

    -Melody @

  • Oh gosh, I really need to start watching Entourage! And it looks like I need to start eating avocado for breakfast now so I stop craving chocolate! :)
    xo TJ

  • i love entourage!! i was sad when it ended; ari gold is my hero – i love it when he freaks out and is a rude dick!!

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  • lol. number 2 is my fav. thing to do, esp if I can go like 3 times a day (which is a rare occasion).

    can we live closer so we can go to hot yoga together?

  • i eat half an avocado on toast every morning, and i swear it has made me feel better and healthier since i started too! and i laughed at the #2 comment – couldn't agree more ;) x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  • Cheers to being regular, having a/c, and growing up with the love of your life growing with you! Things seem to be going lovely for you and that's just awesome.

    How do you create your GIFs?

    -Chymere Anais

  • Life planning is no joke! Rob and I seriously discussed our timeline for having children and it suddenly got very real that we need to start in at least 2 years to have what we're planning for… Lol it sounds so formal. But as always, life is up to change anytime!