First Dance Class of 2018

Remember how I mentioned that every time I think I’m done with dance, the universe throws it back in my lap as if to say “No, you’re not.”

Well this year, I’m gonna do myself a favor and start actually listening to the universe.

As part of my year of SELF and intention to do more of what makes me happy, I’m pushing myself to take 3-4 dance classes a month as opposed to once a month like I did last year.

Because dancing really does make me happy.

My dear friend, Josh, was in town and taught a hip-hop class this past Wednesday at Dance Place in D.C.

And in an effort to start the year off strong, I attended his class.

I’ve always been a fan of Josh’s choreo because his movement always feels organic to the vibe of the music he chooses.

While I felt a lil rusty and out of breath a few times, it was great to be in class and just move.

Below is a lil video of me (left) and Vic (right) dancing with Josh (in the middle).

Hope you enjoy and wishing you a happy Friday!

xo, Setarra

  • Lmya Ahmed

    You still got it…

    Go you!

    • Thanks Mama! Love you! xo

  • Kelly

    You go girl, crushing it!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes