Flashback Friday | Back When My Toes Used To Twinkle

I had a friend ask me the other day “How come you haven’t posted any videos of you dancing?” She had recently found out I started a blog and thought it was a great space for me to share my “skills”. 

My Response Went Something Like This: Honestly? I haven’t posted any videos of me dancing because: 1. All of the clips I have are from the past. 2. I don’t want people to think I’m showing off or full of myself …  Cuz I’m not (not to be confused with being confident … That I am … Most of the time.) 3. “I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shi*t.” -Quote courtesy of E. Badu 4. There’s a part of me that is scared that I won’t be able to dance like I used to before I tore my acl and had knee surgery …  So why would I show videos of how I won’t be able to dance in the future?  Kinda like False Advertisement… Naw Mean?
Her Response: Gurl … Shut That Sh*t Up! Why are you acting like a punk … Punk.
Of course she knows how to push my buttons by calling me a punk… I hate people thinking I’m a scare-dy cat. All my life, whenever I’ve been dared to do anything … I’ve done it. {With the exception of watching scary movies … I refuse … I am NOT about that life}
Sooooo in response to this passive aggressive dare, below are two clips of me dancing … I cringe watching them because the perfectionist in me always see things I could’ve done better…
Anwho … Enjoy?
yellow tee at the end…
white tee at the end …
Hopefully one day soon, I’ll be able to take class and rock out with my sock out like I used to before my injury… Until then, February is filled with me working out and going through yoga phrases, prepping for March. And then March will be filled with me taking floor barre, beginner ballet, modern & hip-hop classes. And hopefully by April, I’ll be able to progress to Intermediate level classes, etc. After going a whole year and a half without dancing, body is itching to move to a beat.
Dear Delayed Gratification:
You Kinda Suck.
xo, Setarra
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  • Get it girl!! You're a great dancer. I'd love to see more videos!!

  • You should definitely post more videos of you dancing! Seriously, stay away nemo, but I know it won't. We're about to get 18-24 inches!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  • these vids are sick! There's nothing wrong with showing off talent like that :) Really awesome! x

  • You're fierce! Totally fierce! I'd love to see more dance videos!

  • girl you are on FIRE! Thanks for posting these, finally. Get that body of yours back to 100% !

  • great videos!! don't be afraid to post more!! and i hope you stay safe with Nemo around this weekend ;)

  • gurl it's cold in SoCal as well. Who would've though that it hailed in orange county? wtf.
    mm gurl can dance dance dance dance….

  • wow you can certainly move!! impressed.com here!

    came by via the FTF blog hop and now follow on GFC, hope you like my blog enough to follow back :)
    Angela x


  • You should post more videos. :) Looks so amazing.

  • Oh man if I could dance like that, I'd probably shout it from the roof tops. So cool!

  • You've GOTTA post more videos! That's BALLER.

    I'm also a dancer, but I'm trained in ballet. I love hip hop though, and admire anyone who's talented in it.

    Newest follower right here! Can't wait to read more!