Flight Club New York

I’ve never been much of a sneaker head …. I don’t see the point in camping outside of Footlocker to get the next pair of Jordan’s. I buy a pair of shoes because I need them and I wear them until they get super run down. I wear flats and sandals in the summer, have a couple pairs of heels for special occasions and boots for the winter. I’ve never paid more that $100 on a pair of shoes … I don’t really care about about wearing exclusive shizz.
So this past weekend’s excursion to Flight Club New York left me with my bottom lip hanging…

My girl, Kiara, and her BF, Samir, came up from DC this past weekend to visit. They had tickets to see the Yankees-Red Sox Game on Friday and we made plans to hang out around the city on Saturday. This was Samir’s first time visiting New York City and one of his requests was that we stop by Flight Stop. 
Located on 812 Broadway near Union Square, this store boasts a huge array of sneakers that have:
1. Been Discontinued in Production. + 2. Never Been Worn Before.  = 3. Catnip to Sneaker Heads All Over.
Samir was like a little kid in a candy shop … He was spouting
off information about all the different shoes on the wall: When certain pairs
were released and discontinued, what made them so cool, explaining about how some shoes
had themes (one of the dunks had a shrimp theme?) and why people pay so
“Supply and Demand … Simple as That.”
The store’s wall display of sneakers is meticulous in that all the sneakers on display are wrapped in plastic. This means that people can touch the shoes on the racks to check out but they never lose their worth.
This store also sells exclusive Fitted Hats, Snapbacks, T-Shirts, G-Shocks and Sunglasses … But back to the Sneakers … The prices of the sneakers on the main wall were minimum $200, majority $400 and maximum $6,000!!!
Like Reallly?!?!?! Someone is willing to pay $6,000 for a pair of exclusive Jordan’s!!! Ok sooo maybe they were the Air Mag’s and the tongue for the shoe pumps up (So Samir says). I personally think this specific pair was kinda ugly but to a Sneaker Head … This is the equivalent of Indiana Jones in his search for the Holy Grail in the Last Crusade.
There’s a part of me that gets it juuuuust a little bit. In the dance scene, you will see dancers in hip-hop class rockin the newest pair of shoes.  Not gonna lie … Dancing in a nice pair of shoes almost makes one feel like they can dance a lil bit better. (At least I think so haha.)
People are passionate infatuated with various things … My vices/passions are Dance and Dark Chocolate. Others people’s vices/passions vary from music to travel to clothing to drugs …
For anyone who’s passionate about exclusive Nike Dunks (low and high), Jordan’s, Air Force’s, Adidias, Air Max’s, Lebron’s, Foamposite’s, Durant’s, Bryant’s, Yeezy’s, Reebok’s, and MORe: I highly recommend stopping by this store if you’re ever in the city.
Even if you can’t afford to buy a pair of shoes, it’s an awesome spectacle to see and a bustling hub of energy a la dunk.


Before going to Flight Club, Kiara, Samir and I checked out the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park. To see photos from this part of the day: Click Here.