Foggy Chicago Weekend // Day 1

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Well, we’re back from Maine… 1,000 photos snapped and I haven’t started filtering through any of them except for the few I’ve posted on Instagram. This basically means that my recap of last week’s trip isn’t going to happen in a while. But what I do have already prepped and ready to go are a few blog posts from my ever growing backlog of un-recapped life happenings.

airplane selfie

Today, I’m going to pick up where I left off after sharing this video from our trip to Chicago this past May to surprise my Mommy Ma for Mother’s Day.

Today, we’re going to take it back to the day after our plan had come to fruition… Our first full day in Chicago. A day that also happened to be super foggy. Don’t believe me? Let me show you.

chicago skyline at night

^^ This was the super dope view of the Chicago skyline at night from the AirBNB we checked into the day we surprised my mom. Annnnnnnnnd…

chicago foggy skyline

^^ THIS was our view of the skyline the following morning. Crazy foggy, right? I mean… You can’t see any of the skyscrapers… Can you imagine trying to fly through that fog? Yea. I can’t either. After taking in the view, we made our way to the subway headed downtown to explore Millennium Park because I really wanted to see The Bean.

chicago subway

^^ From Left to Right: Charles, My Mommy Ma, my brother Kris and Charles’s mom, Nelly. ^^


fDFckL62IY80Y1zf.jpg t8ytSC4jHgbUOyDM.jpg

^^ Siblings

gxGxyvG47VsVubSd.jpg chicago millenium parkHXLDg8R5Xuoe9lyj.jpg


^^ The Bean!

7j5fThEXhA5EGGDV.jpg chicago beanzBIc4GITqKReaqMI.jpg Chicago bean

After taking in The Bean and it’s mirrored reflectiveness, we walked around to explore some more of Millennium Park.

qKHisTVS0eFcdBWm.jpg RncFvs8rPXhgw6Hm.jpg MNIDVi1euFbNFOV4.jpg chicago millennium parkClTPuKNn3Rr3szlf.jpg

^^ GQ Stunting

All that walking had our stomachs growling, so we went to grab traditional Chicago style deep dish pizza at Gino’s East. Along the way, we slowed our pace when crossing the bridges to enjoy the view from over the canals.

8r7b1nDcWtAMiojw.jpg chicago canalkhmerican

^^ Representing for Cambodia!

When we finally arrived at the pizzeria, we were welcomed by an interior filled with graffiti walls. Apparently, the restaurant allows it’s patrons to write on their walls. I thought it was super cool.

7HxSNWGtZvvXO9oV.jpgCCQb42FIUcwzMrt6.jpg dsk47KMf3f97TYwP.jpg ykhT6ctz9XqPdapj.jpg hAxzk4IPUXADNoIy.jpg

Once settled in at our table, we scoured the menu unsure of what to order. 10 minutes later, we decided on getting a deep dish with sheet layer of sausage.

y1EkRCM9KpYd00Nj.jpg 2d2QWcllbeR4d8Zs.jpgCLy2fNifjLvOcMRr.jpg

And yea… Jay-Z and Beyonce joined us for dinner too… Kind of.


Tummies full, we decided to head back to our AirBNB and hang out in doors since the weather was starting to get really windy and chilly. We stopped by CVS along the way to grab a pack of oreos and milk before hopping on the bus back home.


The rest of the evening was spent on the most comfiest couch there ever was (our AirBNB’s furniture was the best!), watching Step Up 4 before our mom’s zonked out on us around 9:00pm. Kris, Charles and I then spent another hour youtubing dance choreography videos before calling it a night  around 10:30pm-ish. The next morning, we planned to wake up before our mom’s to prepare them breakfast for Mother’s Day which meant getting some rest was essential.

More on that to come later this week.


  • Yes lawd that pizza looked heavenly! My cousin has been trying to get me to come up to Chicago for the longest and I hope I can make a trip up there before the winter hits. But your photos definitely captures everything!

    • Ahhh I hope you make that trip up to Chicago before winter hits too! Spring, Summer and Fall are definitely the best times to visit. I’m not a fan of winter weather, period haha. :)

  • Chicago looks so fun! It’s dope that your fam got to partake in the adventures as well! I’ve never had a Chicago pizza, but it’s definitely on my list of foods to try especially because I am a pizza fanatic! Beautiful post bruh!

    • Thanks Sheriden! It was so much fun to explore around with our moms. It was also one of the reasons why we didn’t do as much as we usually do when traveling because we would’ve stayed out all night if we could but our mommas were pooped by 7pm everyday haha. Since the weekend was all about hanging out with them, we didn’t mind though. :) And yes, deep dish Chicago pizza is bannnnnng!

  • Chicago looks like so much fun!! It’s on my list. (I feel like I say that about every place!) What’s the deal with The Bean. I mean, it’s cool looking and I’d be there taking millions of photos, but is there any significance to it?

    • All I know is that Millennium Park accepted submissions for sculptural designs that would be installed in the park before they opened in the early 2000’s. The artist who designed The Bean (its official name is Cloudgate) won the competition. Not sure what the actual significance of it is tho, I just wanted to go to take pictures because I thought it looked cool lol.

  • Zoe

    Hey Setarra :)!

    I really should be writing this stuff down – I want to remember the name of that Pizzeria, cause girl, that pizza looked good!! I loved the graffiti walls too :D. I have heard mixed reviews about the bean, but I would still want to see it anyway, just to experience the supposed mind-boggling weirdness that happens when you walk underneath it.

    Is your ancestry originally from Cambodia? If so, how cool ;D! That pic of you and your mum made me smile :).

    xX Zoe |

    • I think that the next time I travel to Chicago, I would go to visit the Bean either reallllly late at night or reallllly early in the morning (like right when the sun came up) when there aren’t alot of the people. It’s super cool regardless but I feel like seeing it without the crowds would have a stronger artistic impact.

      And yep yep, my mom is Cambodian + my dad who is Black & White = me :)

      • Zoe

        So cool! :) I think I will take the advice about the bean too ;), sounds like a good idea.